Idiosyncrasy of the Audio Secrecy

Photograph by John Peterson

It begins with a sense of morbidity. The piano sounds like the fall
of an apocalyptic rain.

Out of nowhere comes the wallop to the gut. The title-track to /Audio
Secrecy[1]/, the piano-filled intro, lulls the listener into a false
sense of apathy. As the track softens, /Mission Statement /explodes
into life. A definitive Hard Rock [2]anthem, /Mission Statement /is a
powerful song combining heavy guitar riffs, a fast-paced solo and
Corey Taylor?s powerful voice into a single volatile track.

Following this song are the tracks/ Digital (Did You Tell)/ and /Say
You?ll Haunt Me /(the first official single from the album). Both of
these tracks follow in the same energetic vein. /Say You?ll Haunt Me
/is possibly the best track from the album and one of the best songs
Stone Sour [3]have produced. The song is fall of raw emotion; an eerie
feeling creeps over the listener as the song progresses. Whilst some
may argue that Taylor?s lyrics in this song are clich??, there is no
doubting the truth in them. The idea that someone wants a loved one to
haunt them, or that someone is haunted by a person who does not share
the same feelings, is timeless rather than clich??.

These first four tracks of /Audio Secrecy /are a testament to the
great ability of Stone Sour. The tracks are reminiscent of songs such
as /Get Inside [4]/and /Bother [5]/(from their self-titled debut of
2002) and /30/30-150 /and /Through Glass [6]/(from the second album
/Come What(ever) May /of 2006). One song in particular, aside from
these four, that is worth noting is /Hesitate/. Taylor proves just how
versatile his voice can be with how he sings this truly beautiful ode.

Unfortunately, however, this is where their third album tends to lose
its energy, barring a few later tracks.

Tracks such as /Dying/, /Imperfect /and /Threadbare /all lack
something that other tracks, and indeed previous albums, have. These
songs are by no means substandard and they each carry their own
quality and specific characteristic (such as the guitar solo of
/Dying/). But these do not prevent the fact that the listener may be
disappointed, especially when comparing these songs to others in the
Stone Sour arsenal.

Over the years the lines between Slipknot [7]and Stone Sour become
somewhat blurred. This is understandable considering the fact that
both Corey Taylor and Jim Root are lead singer and lead guitarist of
both bands respectively. However, with the tracks /Nylon 6/6/ and
/Let?s Be Honest /it is difficult to tell which band Taylor is
singing for.

Despite their loss of intensity, the songs _Miracles _and _Pieces
_are unique in that they do not sound similar to any other Stone Sour
songs (with the possible exception of /Sillyworld /from the sophomore
album). Stone Sour?s versatility shines through on these tracks and,
though they may not have the gusto of /Say You?ll Haunt Me /or the
intensity of /Get Inside/, they are an important addition to the Stone
Sour collection.

Taylor said in an interview: ?I was trying to find play on words
for ?idiosyncrasy.? Idiosyncrasies are those little things that
differentiate us, that make us individuals. But at the same time they
tie us together. I hit on ?audio secrecy? and immediately realized
that it can mean something completely different to people?. The
interview can be found here[8].

/Audio Secrecy/, combined with its four bonus tracks, produces a
powerhouse of eighteen songs. Too often bands shy away from creating
lengthy albums because of the fear that the listener will become bored
or simply because of sheer laziness. Stone Sour, however, consistently
do their own thing. Though certain songs struggle to live up to the
Stone Sour name they form an integral part of the album and the band
as a whole.

/Audio Secrecy /is a must have for any rock music enthusiast and
Stone Sour fan.



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