Going gaga over Gaga

By Genevieve Beyleveld

Starting out as an underground musician in the New York club scene , Lady Gaga moved her way up to becoming an international superstar through her debut album released in 2008 titled ‘The fame’. Produced by Interscope Records , this seventies inspired dance album took the music world by storm when selling 12 million copies world wide. Her singles such as ‘Just dance’ and ‘Pokerface’ all reached the Billboard top 100 and made themselves at home , while staying there for weeks on end.
Gaga’s inspiration for her album , was her own personal love of fame and the celebrity culture . Her aim was that she wanted her listeners to feel like celebrities as well, when listening to her music, in particular songs like ‘paparazzi’.
Personal favourites on the album would be ‘love game’ and ‘eh eh (nothing else I can say’. Drawing inspiration from musicians such as David Bowie and Queen , Gaga managed to make a stellar album , that will never date and its music will always have the ability to make one dance.

Based on a lifestyle and not on one particular song or angle , Gaga says that; “I just feel like this record is really different- you’ve got club bangers to more 70s glam to more singer-songwriter records to rock music. The Fame is not about who you are’ it’s about how everybody wants to know who you are! Buy it and listen to it before you go out or in the car. I think you’ve really got to allow artists’ creativity to marinate. It took me a while but really delving into myself I finally got it. I couldn’t be more proud of it. It’s not just a record, it’s a whole pop art movement. It’s not just about one song.”
BBC online , only gave The fame a favorable , but in my opinion it is one of those records that will go down in history , like Madonna or Cindy Lauper, which have the ability to change the music scene and bring something fresh to the table. A record which will always make you dance , regardless of when or where you listen to it , I believe that Lady Gaga has given herself a really good starting point , from which to continue to grow and expand as an artist and a pop phenomenon.


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