Food for the Soul

By Duduzile Luthuli

Nothing is better than listening to an album that has stood the test
of time and still offers the same character that it did the day it was
released. Beautifully Human Vol 2 by alluring Jill Scott fully
describes what it is to be human.

The 15 track album is perfect after a long week at school, work or
life itself as it takes you on a journey to self discovery.
Beautifully Human: Words and sounds Vol 2 was released in 2004 and
although it is now 6 years old, it seems to capture something that is
quite timeless- your soul.

Beginning with a wacky intro, the album begins to draw a picture of
the type of person Jill Scott is as small quirks such as her laughter
in between her singing, give it that extra personality booster that
makes the album feel as authentic as possible.

Beautifully Human has a “relaxing on a Sunday afternoon” neo soul
vibe that gets you thinking about every aspect of your life. Songs
such as Golden, serve as an inspirational model that should get you
going for the week with the slow jam feel but at the same time manage
to get you moving to the beat of the song.

The fact that Jill Scott is flamboyant comes out in the album, and if
it is the first time one is listening to her, it takes a while to get
into the habit of her music- which is direct and genuine.

Her lyrics capture the very essence of who she is and what she is
about as most of the songs relate to experiences that she has
undergone. The melodic tunes in songs such as Fact is ( I need you),
Spring Summer Feeling and Cross my Mind are set to help with relaxing
and to just get into the tune of things.

The content tends to get a bit heavy therefore making it the type of
album that you could listen to in small dosages, taking in every part
carefully and eventually help you discover what it is that makes you
who you are. Although her sound is unique, one cannot help but think
of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill while listening to this album as they
are all masters of the Neo Soul genre.

Besides finding out more about Jill Scott while listening to this
album, Beautifully Human gives you a chance to do some soul searching
and it therefore makes it more than an album, it makes it a guide book
to finding the essence of your soul.

For the ladies, it’s a soft reminder of the unspoken words in our
hearts and for the men; it’s an album that can give you a glimpse of
what is on a womans’ mind.

This is music that is food for the heart, mind, and goes beyond the soul.

Soul rating: 8/10

-worth the listen…


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