Explodes past your ears into your soul.


By Palesa Mashigo

Exploding onto the silent canvas is instrumental post-rock band,
Explosions In the Sky with the original soundtrack to the movie
Friday Night Lights.  Through the magic of the electric guitar,
bass, drums and acoustic guitar this American band brings to life the
heightened world of football in a small town. They have created
poetry without the use of lyrics and rely solely on the enchantment
of sound.

Explosions In the Sky paints a picturesque southern town through
simple melodies. Each track on the album tells its own tale and
collectively they depict the nature of life in the south. You feel
the dry air in From West to Texas, the deluding heavy heat of the
sun setting can be  visualised in Your hand is mine(w/strings) and
through Our last days as children the open meadow and its tussling
tall grass is experienced.  The percussion of the bass and the
ingenious fusion of the instruments manage to manipulate the mind
into feeling emotions that have not been consented.  The imagination
expands and the senses become aware of the fragility and the
vulnerability that the acoustic guitar causes.

Munaf Rayani, Mark Smith, Michael James and drummer Chris Hrasky
received an email from composer and producer Brian Reitzell who
asked them if they were interested in making music for an coming
movie he was working on. Reitzell, who is renowned for his musical
contribution to movies like Lost in Translation, urged them to
join him in creating a soundtrack for Friday Night Lights and they

Featured artists on the album include Daniel Lanois with Sonho
Dourado and David Torn with Do you ever feel cursed? They add an
authentic dimension through combination of country and soul music.
Since the release the of this album in 2004 the band has released
another two covers, one of the more popular ones being All of a
sudden I miss everyone(2007) and three albums prior to that. They
have not released an album cover since 2007.

This genre of music transports you to the place created by
instruments fused together. It is an unusual and evocative genre as a
message is conveyed through the construction of music through the
instruments. On days you wish to escape to warm air, tussling grass
and the natural world allow Explosions In the Sky to accompany you

Tags:post-rock music,friday night
lights,football,guitar,drum,soundtrack,southern american,musician.



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