Enter princess of the streets

By Jessica Brink


The Danes have done it again! Indielectrock Aryan angels, Dúné,

are the creators of a truly magnificent work. Enter Metropolis

(2009), their fourth album is proof that Dúné are still whispering

truths to the decaying urban soul. The combination of danceable

high energy rock, permeated with sharp synths and infectious

lyrics following an apocalyptic metropolitan dance party theme

make for auditory bliss.


First listen, Dúné’s latest offering came across as whiney, emo

and commercial. The pyramid of lousy music thus completed.

Eleven lovely tracks of sameness. On second listen, though

the subtle brilliance began to peek through the cracks.

Third listen was pure illuminated audiobrilliance.


Jacob Hansen, of heavy-metal producing fame, contributed to

the production of Enter Metropolis. He has also worked with the

likes of Mercenary, Cryoshell and Pretty Maids. The band felt

the metal influence would give their synths a more heavy sound

thus giving the music a frenzied feel. The concept of the album,

the apocalyptic urban underground was inspired by the fast life

of big city surviving. One can almost smell the sin and sweat

dripping and dissipating on a strobe-lit Copenhagen dance floor.

The untainted mania of the album gives a unique indie feel that

speaks to the decayed urban youths that crave that controlled



Mattias Kolstrup’s ethereal voice is one to make the hipster angels

weep with epiphanial delight. The Stripper Valentina, first

mentioned on the track: Go Go Valentina on their previous album,

We are in there you are out here (2007), makes a comeback as

Heiress of Valentina. The song was renamed and released as a

single in early 2010, Heiress of Vanentina (Princess), is, in my

opinion, the best track on the entire album. (see video below).

Other tracks that stood out were Get it Get it, Heat and

Final party of the 21st century.


Enter Metropolis is verstaile, this sound would be at home baking

under the sun at a dusty music festival or remixed in a sleek

dance club. The album, although unique would appeal to many

as it is an amalgamation of so many different styles. Don’t be

put off by the first track, it as with anything worth consuming

the initial shock rounds off into unhealthy fixation.


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