Eminem- Recovery or another relapse?

by Christopher Slyper
Eminem- Full Recovery or another Relapse?
Eminem?s latest album Recovery has to date sold over 2.8 million
[3]copies in the United States alone, reached number one on the US
Billboard 200[4] and on the UK album chart. The success of the
Recovery[5] album comes after Eminem?s previous album Relapse which
was described as ?mediocre? by Eminem himself. There is a notable
change in emotive language used by Eminem in his latest album that is
achieved through relating issues to his life. When listening to the
songs one feels as though Eminem is merely displaying his life and
where he is now. His addiction to drugs is an issue which has much
emphasis on his songs.

The album Recovery was done after Eminem had finished rehabilitation
for his drug addiction. Many of the songs speak about his issues in
this manner. ?Not afraid? deals directly with Eminem?s recovery
from his drug addiction and how he is a changed man. Eminem mentions
in this song that his previous album was merely ok. Another song which
has taken much interest is ?love the way you lie? featuring
Rihanna. This song was written about the issues he has with his wife
Kim. The song is well written and is a great collaboration between the
two artists. The music video has movie stars Megan Fox and Dominic
Monaghan and gives a re-enactment of the fights between Eminem and
Kim. The lyrics are graphic with use of colourful language yet every
sentence has meaning and gives value to the song. Eminem?s voice in
his latest album seems angry and dominates each track with great
resonance. Each song displays an issue in his life yet the most
popular issue is dealing with the fights Eminem has with his wife.
Eminem compares himself to Superman and has in the past. The relevance
in this album is that he can save people through then watching
Eminem?s example of how to deal with drug addiction.

This album is different from his Slim Shady personality traits where
Eminem mocks himself and makes fun of other people, instead we get a
very serious album where the songs are more internalised and as a
result bear more meaning on the life of Eminem. ?25 to life? is
another song which speaks about Kim and divorcing her and how the rap
world along with Kim was like a prison for Eminem and his sentence
being a life sentence which he says he has served.

This album is one of the most popular of 2010 and appeals to many
people with many number one hits, one would be hard pressed to find
people who don?t know a few words from one of his latest songs. In
my opinion Eminem has made a full recovery and not another relapse.

Get more information on these sights:

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