Echoes of a broken heart

Echoes of a broken heart
By Ndileka Lujabe

When listening to Leona Lewis? second album, /Echo/[1], one can
immediately make out the theme of the album: heartache and the
attempts at piecing back together of a broken heart.

Echo was released on 9 November 2009.  The first single that came
off Echo is /Happy/, which was released on 15 September 2009.
Produced by /Bleeding Love /producer, Ryan Tedder[2], it was
well-received, especially by the UK audience, making a debut at the
number two spot on the UK Singles Chart.  The second single,/ I Got
You/, was released on 21 February 2010.

The 2006 X-Factor [3]winner offers thirteen tracks on the album, nine
of which she co-wrote.  She collaborated with the likes of Justin
Timberlake, Kevin Rudolf and Max Martin[4], to name just a few.

Compared to her R&B[5] debut album, /Spirit/[6], this album is
abundant with pop[7] sounds with a strong presence of drums and
electric and bass guitars.  These instruments blend gracefully with
her powerful voice, resulting in a burst of heartfelt emotions,
resonating in each song.

The album, which took nine months to produce, was titled Echo which
describes a big, organic sound – much representing her big, yet gentle
voice.  It also appealed to Leona?s interest in fantasy as in Greek
mythology, Echo[8] was a nymph who suffered from longing.

Tracks that stand out and gently tug at your heart are /Naked,
Can?t Breathe, My Hands, Broken and Brave/.  These tracks are
highly expressive of the heartache of a fragmented heart.  As the
instruments rise to a point of intensity in the last minute of each
song, her elegantly potent voice simultaneously ascends.

I must point out, though, the similarity in sound between the songs
/Brave/ and /Lost Then Found /featuring One Republic, for which she
can be forgiven as her velvet smooth vocals make up for it.

The songs about heartache and her recovery from it are a reflection
of her relationship with former boyfriend of 10 years, Lou
Al-Chamaa[9].  The tracks are not your typical soppy love songs: one
can sense that they truly come from lived experiences. 

Her ethereal voice breathes life into the songs making them easy to
connect to.  Her exceptional voice control is audible in the various
fluctuations she makes in between notes. 

Echo is a worthwhile investment.  If you like the sound of pop beats
accompanied with rich mezzo-soprano [10]vocals and meaningful lyrics,
don?t hesitate getting yourself a copy.   

Video of Happy

Echo photos:



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