Drake: a legend now or later?


With many of the hip-hop community??feeling as though hip-hop has
become too commercial and is no longer “keepeing it real”, is Drake
[1]their saviour?

Perhaps. Drake, who recently signed to Lil Wayne[2]’s record label
Young Money[3], brings something different to the rap game. On
first studio album /Thank me later/ he combines R&B and rap
effortlessly. He not only raps, but sings making him one of hip-hop’s
only double threats. In him we find a sensitive lyricist whose lyrics
deal with his personal experiences of?? love, fame and everything
in??between, and not the glorification of?? thug life which is what
hip-hop is associated with.

His album is chilled??with down tempo beats playing under his soft
drawl. What is endearing about him is the openess with which he is
able to express himself. Although there is some bravado, Drake is
to interrogate his emotions. One knows in what kind??of head??space
was emotionally??on every track.

The resistance is the track that exemplifies this best as he raps
about his sick grandmother, a fling with a girl that ended up in an
abortion as well as friends saying he has changed. His response is
“i’m??holding on by a thread/??It’s like I’m high right now/ The guy
right now/ And you can tell by looking in my??eyes right now/ That
nothing really some as a surprise right now”.

Other tracks that are worth a listen are /Over/, /Miss me /featuring
Lil Wayne, /Light Up /featuring Jay-Z and /Find your love/ which was
produced by Kanye West.

Drake is able to glide effortlessly between rapping and singing,
which is one of his strength, however?? some may still question his
validity as a rapper.

Drake shows potenetial and is changing the face of commercial rap.
His sincere lyrics are refreshing.?? He is the only rap artist that
could possibly double as an R&B??singer. Has the rapper delivered?
Yes. As a first album it is solid and will probably stand the test of
time. He says we should thank him later and this is probably what we
will be doing in future. He has a style and marketability that will
not?? get old soon.??

[1] http://www.myspace.com/thisisdrake
[2] http://www.lilwayne-online.com/default.aspx
[3] http://www.cashmoney-records.com/youngmoney.asp


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