Desmond (and the) Tutu (s) rocks hard

Desmond and the Tutu’s

Some call it indie pop, some call it indie rock , some call it indie kwela pop, some call it african melodies with fast paced rock and harmonica and some simply call it Genius. What ever name it goes by it would be safe to say that what ever it is ( that they play), it is pleasing to the ear.

Desmond and the Tutus a local band of bandits have set the local stage alight since their debut on the internet in 2005 and as they are not known to stay off the scene for long (as soon as you last memory of them starts becomming a bit of a blur they bust onto the scene once again) they have been very busy not only touring and promoting their latest album but also taking part in the ever infamous,rather notorious and hugely successful “Drink & Dance” parties.

“Tuckshop” released in 2008, is Desmond and the Tutu’s latest offering and it is safe to say their fans will not be disappointed with 11 crowd pleasing, head banging, foot tapping full tracks to choose from, how could they be?With song titles like” kiss you on the cheek” about a boy who wants to go home and brush his teeth so that he can kiss a girl on the cheek, as well as Peter a quirky, witty, sing along jam about a girl who proudly introduces herself as Peter, only to be rejected by a boy who cant get over that fact, one is pleased to see that the Tutu’s have not betrayed their sound or lost their wit as many up and comming bands often do when success starts knocking at the door.

The Tutus are unlike any other band to has come out of South Africa, they offer the public something fresh, something rather different, it could never be about their profound singing abilities, dance movies or even outer beauty but it is about offering people something that that isnt and never has been offered on the local music scene. Could it be that, taht something is their fresh light hearted music that absolutely any person of any age and race can enjoy, their catchy beats, their likeable personalities, their non discriminatory or non deflamatory lyrics or maybe the fact that you can enjoy good music while enjoying a few hearty laughs at the expense of the poor girl named Peter. One can rest assured that this album offers all those is is all those things and much much more.
The most exciting thing about the Tutus is that they are constantly changing, constantly collaborating with new and exciting artists and dj’s such as Richard Tha IIrd, Gaetan and Cutout collective, all the while staying true to their fans and their unique sound. On this album, Tuckshop, the Tutus have not changed the sound they have built their fame on, the deep set drums, the bass guitar and harmonica rounded of by frontman Shane’s spoken vocals but have somehow managed to keep the end result sounding fresh and interesting.
As great a band as the Tutu’s are and as pleasing as their music is it has to be said that they are better experienced live. On cd the energy doesnt come through, the vocals are often over powered and drummed out by the instrumentals and the music generally does not sound as energetic as it would performed live in a crowd of people.All that being said, it is however most definetly one for the festive season to be packed along with ones dancing shoes.
Caution: You wont need much more to start a party.

(( desmond and the tutu’s, south africa, rock, indie rock, kiss you on the cheek, tuckshop, peter, local bands))


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