Come Around Sometime.

On the 18th October 2010 Kings of Leon finally released their long
awaited fourth album, Come Around Sundown. After clearing up all
the awards in the 2010 Grammy’s for Record of the Year, Best Rock
Performance, and Best Song, one can say that their next album was one
that had to blow away their avid listeners’ brains away with NME
saying that it’s “…set to be the fastest-selling album of

Album ~ Come Around Sundown ~ Oct 10 ~ Deluxe Pictures, Images and Photos

The first time I listened to the album, I instantly thought that the
Kings were trying to see if they had reached that point in their
career where they could create any type of “sound” just to see if
they can hit a number one slot, because they are the Kings of Leon.
Yet, it could also be argued that they decided they had reached that
point with their prior album, Only By Night, where they hit
“commercial stardom” with Sex on Fire  and Use Somebody
being played over and over and over again on practically any radio station you tuned into.

The second time I listened to the album, the same thought went
through my head.

I guess I could have been expecting too much from the band who gave
southern rock and blues their own edge, creating a sound that not
even Apollo had encountered. Front man Caleb Followill has always been
renowned for his gruff yet soothing, rough yet still charming voice
and for his spine tingling lyrics that kept the wanting listeners 
in awe for more and more. The more we wanted, the less they managed to
please us. But hey, there are not a lot of bands out there now days
that can claim the honours of releasing five chart topping albums in
seven years. For that KOL, I bow my head.

Even though I was quite disappointed that they had strayed away from
their original southern style, havoc causing, and naughty underlying
lyrics style of music that Youth and Young Manhood pleasured us
with, there were a few songs that managed to tickle my fancy. The first
song that made a mildly impressive impression to my ears was No Money,
mainly because it is one of the only songs that give me a little bit
of faith that KOL haven’t forgotten how to rock completely. There
were a few other songs, such as Birthday, which managed to make me
smile in glee like Red Morning Light, King of the Rodeo and The
do every time I hear those songs.

(How can this not make you smile?) Glastonbury 2004 – Red Morning

I am not saying that I’m not enjoying Come Around Sundown, it
is starting to grow on me, but it just feels like they are starting
to calm down and almost sooth their way down into the abyss of
commercialisation. It is starting to feel like they have  lost
their passion which was their key characteristic as to why they had
made such an impact in the 21st century. They have just seemed to
have lost their spark that captured their listeners in the beginning.


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