Back with a bang: ((Prime Circle, leona lewis, aKING, Jekyll and Hyde, Chris Chameleon, Khanyi Mbau, She always get what she wants, Kevin Shirley,George Marino, South African, Never Going to Bring Us Down, ,Turn me to Stone))

                                                                  Back with a ?bang?!
I first heard Prime Circle in 2008 when they released their hit single ?She always get what she wants?  and now  I have been lucky enough to get to be able to listen to their new album Jekyll and Hyde.
This is the album that is out there to show people that prime circle are not few hits wonders as they have proven it with their previous album and now they are continuing to improve where they left off and it seems like nothing is going to stop the on their way as this album is showing us their multitalented side as they are mixing hard rock with metallic, melody and deep music and to show that they are good they reached gold in 9 days.

The album was Produced by Theo Crous not Khanyi Mbau former boyfriend this one is only a music producer who have worked with other major South African acts like aKING, of ?against all odds? fame  and Chris Chameleon, and the person responsible for mixing is Kevin Shirley and the master of the sound is George Marino.

The albums first track ?Closure?   will put you straight into the mood of listening to music as it is a ?warm klap? by itself to warn you that you are going in for a treat, after that there is a piano treatment with a song ?Breathing? that have an intro which is a bit like Leona Lewis hit ?Better In Time?, though it will make you feel relaxed in a pure South African way. And same time when you think Just thought you caught your breath they will take it away again with another two rock hard rock songs ?Everything you want? and ?All of Me?.

Going down on the music den you will find another hit called ?Turning In My Sleep?  which will show you the melodic side of the group as it is has the very unique melodic rhythm on it and from that is ?Never Going to Bring Us Down?   the one that if you turn your volume to maximum it can bust your speakers as it has this big and nice base and then down to heart-felt ?Turn me to Stone? and they concluded with a very deep track which the album is also named after  ?Jekyll & Hyde?.

Prime circle are a good ambassadors of South African music worldwide and they doing us proud wherever they go, keep it up guys!

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