Aqualung Coming Up For Air

You type Aqualung into Google expecting information about singing sensation Matthew ‘Matt’ Hales, but instead Google spits out articles and images about a company producing top of the line diving equipment.  The sad truth is that while most people will recognise Aqualung’s music, popular recognition of Matt’s music under the name Aqualung hasn’t become a reality quite yet.

Aqualung is the name of an album released by Matt in 2002, as well as his pseudonym in the musical world. His songs have swept the world over without the notice of the general public despite the infiltration of his music into almost every corner of mainstream media. Recently Aqualung’s songs have gained major international exposure by appearing in commercial television hits such as Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The O.C, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, the CSI franchise, Skins, Eli Stone and more. Some of Aqualung’s songs have also managed to make the soundtrack of movies such as Wicker Park and A Lot Like Love. The two hits most associated with Aqualung due to this exposure are Strange and Beautiful and Brighter Than Sunshine.  

Matt’s journey as a musician started off well as a boy with the discovery of his talent at a young age. Music had been a part of his life from the beginning as he practically grew up in the independent record shop owned by his parents in England. He fell in love with music and after being awarded a scholarship to study music composition at Winchester College, he composed his first symphony at age 17. After that Matt went on to form a few bands, first with friends and later with his brother.

The bands didn’t experience much success, but in the end Matt’s natural talent and persistence lead to the creation of Aqualung so that now at age 38, as his music increasingly floats over the airwaves on radio, in television shows, movies and even some ads, he can finally start to settle down into his increasing success and take a breath.

Current news from Aqualung includes the release of a new album earlier this year, entitled Magnetic North. Some of the feature songs of the album are available for listening on Aqualung’s official website, and there seems to be a general buzz of approval for the new direction Matt has taken in this album.  


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