Another round of Foo Fighters

Alternative rock review
In Your Honour
This /2005/ double disc album reveals Foo Fighter’s sense of duality. The introduction to the first disc, /In Your Honour/ reverberates with an intense feeling of anxiety as this album storms into your surroundings. A very powerful distortion fills the air and deeper, yet meaningful lyrics transcended through the gruff but humble screams exerted by David Grohl such as ‘In your honour I would die tonight, for you to feel alive’. Together with the drumming, guitar riffs and Grohl’s raw voice, it shows the maturity and elegance of the band. Then, silence, followed by a mash up of guitar, drums and the ultimate rock scream that one of the world’s greatest rock singers fill the last seconds of the song. Exhilaration is one word which can describe the motivation when creating the song.

The album continues with /No Way Back/ a rocking and upbeat song that makes you feel like rushing into a nature high. Followed by/ Best Of You/ which is evocative in emotion will make you feel a little closer to earth. These two songs are the definitely the flagships of the album and will stick in your head if you possess an alternative kick to life. The next few tracks have a positive feel filled with roaring effects from both the instruments and Grohl’s electrifying voice, from the tracks /DOA, Hell/ and through to??/ The Last Song./ At this point the songs become less memorable in /Free Me/ and /The Deepest Blues Are Black/ due of slower and gloomier tones./ Resolve/ is a stronger yet slower track, and will have you humming to a very relaxing and simultaneously alternative melody. The final track is more like the first three hyper ecstatic songs, /End Over End/, which indeed ends the album with a banging soulful outro that the Foo Fighters are well known for.

The interesting aspect to this album is the second disc that is solely an unplugged set that shows how diverse the band actually is, still retaining the rock feeling while subtle instruments such as harmonica, violin, piano and mandolin are incorporated. This heart warming series of songs soothe the soul, including star guest Norah Jones on piano and contributing vocals on the track /Virginia Moon. /Throughout this quieter disc the songs to look out for are/ Cold Day In The Sun, Miracle/ and /Another Round./


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