An Arrow through many hearts

by Caitlin Askew 

Artist: The Arrows
Album: Make Believe

This two-piece band, made up of extremely talented local girls from
Durban has taken the South African music scene by storm. Pam de
Menezes and Christie Desfontaine formed The Arrows in 2006 and at the
beginning of this year released their first debut album Make
under recording label, Universal Music. [1]

These two ladies are happy with just the two of them and see no
urgency in adding members to their band. They claim that “two is
new four.” They are successful already and have been touring
for the past few months, visiting Philadelphia as well as Texas. Jane
Linley, an East Coast Radio[2] DJ mentions how done to earth these
girls are and this emanates through their music.

They have not classified their music under any specific genre as they
believe their music is constantly changing and evolving. Hearing
music on the radio for the first time was enticing with their fresh,
new and exciting sounds. Their music is a mesh between jazz, blues,
indie and soft rock. Each song, although similar, is also different
with various tempos in each song. Some upbeat, some ballads, it is a
pure mix up that is exciting throughout the whole album

Their music touches a place in many people’s hearts and souls. They
are a Christian band, but not the traditional kind. Even if you were
not a Christian, this album is guaranteed for everyone and you would
still enjoy their music. Their lyrics have been cleverly written with
strong Christian under currents but if you were not aware of this
would not easily pick it up. Some people that are not Christian may
put off this band due to that mere fact. However this would be very
ignorant of them as The Arrows have great music to offer anyone with
an appreciation of good sound.

Their debut single, Next Time made it onto regional and national
radios within no time. Their second single Lovesick is also very
popular and is currently on radio stations like 5fm[3]. Lovesick is
a catchy upbeat song that will hook almost anyone and keep you
the tune for days on end. This song in particular is flexible in the
sense that it carries various meanings and one is able to interpret
in their own way.

Beware however, because you may get an arrow through your heart from
these girls exhilarating music.


[1] http://


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