A Taste of Fresh Music

By Josh Searle 


The Cat Empire is a band that has constantly pushed the boundaries of music, life and lyrics. Whether in the studio or on stage, they send out a message to all that making music is not about settling on one genre but rather it is about mixing many instruments and genres, and making one precious musical flow out of it all. Born and raised as a band in Australia, the crew have recently expanded there name around the world. The result of this is us music lovers, hearing a new form of music which is there own and the best thing about it is that not one song sounds similar to any other song of theirs.


What is significant about this band is the amount of pure musical talent they have. With there being six members of the band namely – Riebl – Vocalist and trumpeter, Harry Angus – keys player, Ollie McGill – bassist, Ryan Monro – drummer, Will Hull-Brown and Jamshid Khadiwala (aka ‘Jumps’) on decks, brings to their songs unbelievable variety in which they manage well and beautifully. These six geniuses are not only lyrical masters but they are multi talented at instruments too. Just listening to there words and sounds come together gives you shivers down your spine. Along with their experience and confidence gained over the past seven hundred plus shows they have done, The Cat Empire makes no eras on stage. There live performances not only host hundreds of people but their performances are making there popularity rate at live performances double show by show.


After forming a decade ago The Cat Empire has evolved from mixing genres in their songs to forming a new sound of there own, in which they have clearly put their stamp on in their new album Cinema. Cinema is the album to grab hold of, as it has very interesting lyrics along with untamed, not new school but rather newly found type of music. The album was recorded at home in Melbourne, Australia with producer Steve Schram and he openly says that the band is significant, leaving their ego’s at the door and being able to try anything and take any advice possible. Cinema had a lot of work on the lyrics and it paid off no doubt. With such amazing lyrics along with an unscathed form of music, makes an album that flows through the soul so pleasurably it becomes addictive.

To listen to this irresistible music, or to see photos and footage of these creative musicians, click on either three of the links below:





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