A Colourful and Free Stone



Joss Stone started making a name for herself in 2003, being only
sixteen years old with her debut album, The Soul Sessions. By 2009
she had already released her fourth album, Colour Me Free!. Overall,
Colour Me Free! has a very relaxing tone to it, perfect for that lazy
Sunday afternoon relaxation.

At only age twenty-three, Joss Stone has received numerous awards.
Recognition was granted through the Mercury Prize for her debut, The
Soul Sessions. Her second album, Mind, Body & Soul, reached the UK
Albums Chart and with the single ?You Had Me? at the UK Singles
Chart where both received a nomination at the Grammy Awards in 2005.
She was also nominated for Best New Artist.  RIAA gave Introducing
Joss Stone, her third album, gold record status in 2007 and she made
it as the British female solo artist who had the second-ever highest
debut on the Billboard 200.

Colour Me Free! is an overall very well produced album but lacks
versatility. First thing that I noticed was that all the songs
sounded similar, they all had the same type of beat and rhythm. If Joss Stone
maybe played around with versatility it might have pushed the
album?s success to it?s true potential.

The album is arrayed mostly with songs either about being strongly
independent or yearning for affection which is true to its blues
element. ?Lady? is a very seductive single whereas ?Girlfriend
on Demand? has a more serious undertone.  I truly enjoy her
soulful voice, it is an aspect out of the ordinary and I especially
appreciate the strong connotations it has femininity-wise. Although the album
has a very lazy and relaxing vibe to it, there is no doubt of a lack in
passion; this comes across strongly through her voice. I really
enjoyed ?Could Have Been You? because it has a kind of attitude
but at the same time is not cheeky. It also has an interesting beat
making one?s feet itch to jazz or just simply nod to it. ?You Got
The Love? is a more feel-good type of song with the whole
passionate and care-free gospel effect.  ?Parallel Lines? was also very
enjoyable as it is commentary on society?s perception of being
different individually which can lead to prejudice.

Due to her soulful and R&B style, the album, like her others, has a
slow pace which stays true to her personalised genre yet it does not
allow for much diversity not only in style but also mood.

If your preferred genre is soul, jazz and R&B this album would
definitely fancy your style. It is also perfect for those who enjoy a
laid back afternoon every now and then as it puts you in the right
mood to appreciate relaxation with or without good company, food and
possibly wine.

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