voyage to India ((R&B; neosoul; India Arie; Stevie Wonder; soul; voyage to India))

India Arie?s first album redefined Neosoul, but her second one ?voyage to India?, though good,doesn?t really build-up from the first one.
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This is India?s second album, in both her lyrics and beats she has once again delivered on the soulful and poetic sense that her fans love about her music.  Her debut album ?acoustic soul? was released in 2001, and immediately soul lovers began to fall in love with the realness in her lyrics. This second album has songs of healing (in fact ?healing? is the intro) forgiveness and moving on. This means that it will makes emotional sense to only a particular (and small) group of people, predominantly women. If that is not her intended target market, then she has failed to reach out to a wide market. Nonetheless India?s lyrics serve to create awareness amongst people about love (for themselves and others), trust, inner beauty, God, understanding, hope, forgiveness and many other virtues. For example in ?get it together? she says ?Speak words of beauty and you will be there, no matter what anybody says, what matters most is what you think of yourself?.
This album (Voyage to India) is her sophomore album, and soon after its release the New York Times published a statement saying ?music that only further enhances her reputation as an artist of substance; centering on her acoustic guitar and confident but restrained vocals, it recalls such soul masters as Stevie Wonder and Roberta Flack?. With this album she won both the Best R&B album and Urban/Alternative Performance awards. I am not so sure about placing her in the same category with Stevie Wonder though, who is by far the most respected R&B singer and songwriter of all times. India (on her website) says that she loves to write songs that fans will relate to even years after the album has been released, ?I want people to hear my music for a long time,? says India, ?for this generation to say decades from now: ?This still says what I think? and girls who are 11 now, who were 1 when I wrote ?Video,? can say, ?That?s how I feel.? This is indeed how Voyage made me feel (even eight years after it was first released), when I gave it a listen.
Supplementing the beautiful (hip hop sounding) beats; in this album more than all the others, India has done backtracks on an acoustic guitar that gives it a Neosoul jive. The guitar is well played, and the music is right for her husky, low tone, but smooth voice. This comes through very clearly in track 8 ?get it together?.        
This year, India has scooped a Grammy and according to was also chosen to be one of the 2010 inductees into the Georgia hall of fame.   

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