Usher at his absolute finest

CCC_2437 (w)

Written by Christina Sukop

Nine years later, Usher Raymond?s Evolution 8701 world tour
concert[1] is still being rated the sexiest, most electrifying and
most energy packed live performance yet.

He has been compared to legendary icons such as Michael Jackson and
R. Kelly, however this performance holds no comparison and serves as
further validation of his title ? The King of R&B.

Usher does not disappoint his audience and he delivers what he is
most famous for, his inspiring dancing and sex appeal.

Although some of the choreography can be likened with that of Michael
Jackson, Usher still manages to bring a fresh and evolved version of
Michael Jackson?s style – which should be appreciated.??

It was evident from the continuously awestruck audience on the DVD
that there is not a moment when the entertainment stops. Usher?s
entire performance is full of surprises and stage presence: He rips
off his shirt, he throws his bling necklace to the audience, his pants
come off and he seduces and kisses a girl from the audience ? all on

One of the most unforgettable performances is that of You got it
bad[2]. The performance of this deep track is perfectly presented in a
shower of rain with lightning effects, fireworks and a voice bursting
with emotion.

Technically, the entire concert was well organised. As a result, each
individual performance effortlessly transitions between the fast and
slow paced tracks on the 8701 album[3].

There is an array of stylish costumes to compliment every routine ?
from a sleek white suit to hardcore leather. A particular scene with a
costume highlight is the scene with the diamond encrusted sneakers he
performs with on stage.

Usher?s voice communicates with the listeners in such a way that it
feels as though a story is being told with each song he sings. What
makes him unique is his unhindered ability to connect vocally and in
his performances, simultaneously. He puts great effort into his
performances and this particular concert has some of his best and most

This performance is merely a slice of Usher?s success. He is the
unwavering recipient of five Grammy awards and has sold over 45
million albums world wide.

If you are looking for true talent, I strongly recommend the DVD of
this performance. Usher will transcend your expectations and he will
redefine the meaning of a true entertainer.



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