Too edible a sound

By Precious Mncwango
Adele[1] Laurie Blue Adkins or more commonly known as Adele rocket skates
expressing one’s feelings to a whole new atmosphere with her first
album ever titled 19[2]. Adele was born in Tottenham in London on the
year 1988 which means that she is only 22 years of age. She was
by music label XL Recordings [1]after posting a 3 song demo on
Adele?s genre of music goes back and forth from acoustic soul to jazz to blues to country music(talent outpour)… but this particular album
can be classified as a soul[2] album. One does not even have to
it; the works of her album speak another language in broad bass, and
brass, ?lashings of strings[3]? or more like the instruments, her
lyrics and to a certain extent even her voice.
The album  19 is a good album.  What makes this album earn the
respect it has received from me is pure talent. In this album Adele
does not deceive her listeners to an extent that on almost every song
she lets her voice overpower the instruments. Now for another artist
this would not go down too well but if you?re Adele and can hold a
note with such ease than it can only do better. 
One track though that did not go down as well was Cold shoulder, now
this is a good song lyrically but the attempt to make a disco as well
as another pop version of it sounded strange and obscure in the
context of the whole album and generally on its own.  Trying to
appeal to a larger audience she sounded like she was fighting for
attention with the chaotic beats in the background. Now one song
truly caught my attention was crazy for you, when you close your eyes
and listen to this track you will not want it to end and on the other
side you will have a picture of a girl retarded in love. This is the
one thing about this album; it is a love album to the fullest but not
your typical I-can?t-eat-sleep-without-you kind of love songs.
brings taste to love songs with her smooth confident constant tone,
voice and most importantly her lyrics, even if you do not like this
type of music I promise you that the lyrics will carry you gently the
whole way. I recommend this album to anyone that likes looking at
things at a deeper level in a light way and to anyone that is
appreciative of love of any sort in their lives.




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