Tired of being sexy?

By Melanie van Zyl

C.S.S. - alala.mp3

Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS), Brazilian New Rave band have seriously hit the nail on the head with their 2006 self-titled album CSS. Translated literally, the band’s name means “I’m tired of being sexy”. However, the music they produce might suggest otherwise. The tracks they produce are alluring, seductive and filled to the brim with utter vivaciousness.

The album kicks off with a rather alternative track CSS Suxxx combining unorthodox lyrics and just the right beat. At first it seems a little too chaotic and yet as one settles into the work CSS produces one cannot help but appreciate their art. CSS Suxxx sets the perfect mood and tone for the rest of the album, but it hardly prepares you for what is to come. Each track spews into the next creating a constant flow of surprise and delight.

Alala would have to be the best track on the album. It begins with hard guitar, a beating of drums and launches into a great intro beat. The vocals are husky and suggestive which only draws the listener in. A tremendous party track that you cannot help but tap your feet along to. Other tracks on the album merely build up to this one as it the climax of CSS. Taking the lyrics into consideration, one can only assume that the target audience would be aimed at the younger generation. The lyrics consist of a smattering of colloquial language, a sprinkling of swear words and just the right amount of Portuguese so that it may be considered that much more ‘alternative’.

Although CSS have been categorised as a New Rave band it is still complicated to categorise their sound. It certainly is new and it certainly is sexy but at times it does seem to border on commercial pop.

Originally the band sang only in their native tongue, Portuguese, and only branched off in 2006 with their international English album CSS. After this release, and due to popularity gained by Apple marketing strategies, the band toured across Europe in 2007. Some of the tracks from this album have also been used in video games such as FIFA 08.

The album CSS deserves an animated and provocative audience that they would have no problem in procuring. One could certainly not get tired of sexy.


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