The Voice is Back

Whtney Houston – I look to You
By Siya Sonandzi

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The voice is back. The long awaited seventh studio album by the pop
diva marks the end of a six year wait for Houston?s fans. Recording
and production for this album began in 2007 with conformations by
record label boss Clive Davis[1]. The album was first released in
August 2009 in Europe, then later in the United States and United
Kingdom in October 2009. It debuted at number one on the US.
/Billboard 200[2]/, selling over 300,000 copies in its first week. In
February 2010, Houston commenced on her /Nothing but Love Tour[3]/,
which is her first tour in over ten years since /My Love Is Your Love
Tour[4]/ (1999) and her 9th tour overall.
Known for her powerful mezzo-soprano[5], the album is a collection of
pop, R&B and soul songs. Hip-hop beats are thrown in some songs to
make the album more urban. Houston still maintains her soulful touch
in the songs. The title track /I look to you[6]R. Kelly[7]) is a mix
of pop/soul with gospel, which comments on Houston?s problems in the
past. The song reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop[8]
Chat, scoring Houston her 30th top 20 hit. Other notable songs to look
out for are Million Dollar Bill[9]Grammy[10]-award winning
singer/songwriter Alicia Keys[11]), which topped the Hot Dance Club
Play[12] charts and I Didn?t Know My Own Strength/, written by
legendary songwriter Diane Warren[13]. (written by (written by
Production team behind this album includes R&B/Hip-Hop producer
Kaseem ?Swizz Beatz? Dean[14], who produced /Million Dollar Bill/
and is most notable for his work on Beyonce[15]?s /Check On It/ and
/Ring The Alarm/. Others include acclaimed songwriter/producer David
Foster[16], the legend behind some of Houston?s biggest hits and
Nathaniel ?Danja? Hills[17] who produced /Nothing But Love /and/
For The Lovers. /Some criticshave praised the contribution of R&B
producers to the album, which makes it more contemporary.
Critical reception to the album has been generally positive, with
more critics rating it a 3.5/5. Her voice is not as technically
impressive as it was before. She doesn?t posses that crispiness in
her voice that made /I Will Always Love You[18]belt[19] and hit notes,
which should come effortlessly to such an acclaimed vocalist.
Nevertheless, this album is a breath of fresh air. It?s the comeback
fans have been waiting for. /and/ Run To You[20]/ classics. She
struggles to 



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