The Music of The Night Returns

By Brett de Groot

Andrew Lloyd Webber has done it again! And this time it is more
haunting than before!

Album: Love Never Dies
Composer: Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
Artists: The original West End Cast (including Ramin Karimloo as the
Phantom and Sierra Boggess as Christine)

After 10 long years of anticipation Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, creator
of musicals such as CATS and Evita, has finally released his latest
masterpiece Love Never Dies. This musical is the sequel to the
extremely successful The Phantom of the Opera, and its soundtrack is
nothing short of a mesmerizing dream.

The story follows Christine Daa??, the now famous soprano, who is
invited to perform at Phantasma, a new attraction in Coney Island, by
an anonymous impresario and is unaware that it is the Phantom, a
disfigured musical genius, who has arranged her appearance with only
one intention in mind- Christine?s love will be his.
The album contains the entire score from the show, and Lloyd
Webber?s mastery of cross genre musical incorporation truly shines
through. The music is similar to that of its prequel, but with a
darker, more freakish like sound. With Coney Island as setting for
Phantoms new ghoulish domain Phantasma: the City of Wonders, the
incorporates creepy carnival sounds along with a feast of
orchestrations and harmonies which linger in the mind. The genre is
musical theatre at its most epic, with a mixture of haunting aeries,
rock ballads and heart wrenching operatic solos.

The entire soundtrack tells a story, and you will find it difficult
stop, once you have started listening. But specific songs which stick
out are the title track Love Never Dies sung by Christine, and the
follow up to the theatre standard The Music of The Night, is the
Phantoms powerful solo Till I Hear You Sing. For gooseflesh and
haunting imagery, give the Prologue, Are You Ready To Begin? and
Take the Hindmost (Quartet) a listen, as they truly give this show a
very eerie edge.

Karimloo?s rugged interpretation of the Phantom is perfect for the
dangerous and dark ballads, and Boggess? pure soprano leaves you
breathless at the end of each note.

What is amazing about the album is that you do not have to have seen
the musical to understand it, in fact, the music, lyrics and vocal
performances are so expressive and passionate, that the imagery will
unfold before you.

Without a doubt, this album is Lloyd Webber at his best. This album
is a must have for all Lloyd Webber and classical fans alike- pure


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