The mellow sounds of Owl City

By Anna Perold

Owl City arrived on the scene July 2009 with the album Ocean Eyes and catapulted musician Adam Young to fame. Young’s first hit single Fireflies hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in October that year, cementing Owl City as one of the breakout artists of 2009.
Young’s soothing voice intertwines with his electronic combination of computerized instruments and various keyboards. His music has been placed in the genre of electronic pop and showcases Young’s musical talents vocally as well as instrumentally. Ocean Eyes not only consists of Young’s musical talent, but his writing as well having written the lyrics to his entire album.
Adam created his unique musical sound in his parent’s basement located in the small town of Owatonna, Minnesota. He then began to receive attention after posting a number of songs onto his MySpace page in 2007. Eventually Young released his first digital album Maybe I’m Dreaming in 2008,followed by his much anticipated recorded album Ocean Eyes.
Owl City is the perfect album to end your day with and to unwind. Its mellow sounds are relaxing and can get you into a light and cheerful mood. The only problem with Young’s work is how similar the beats and melodys are to each other on each song, but in my opinion the overall soundtrack greatly overlooks the similarity of the songs.  The third song on the soundtrack Hello Seattle and Young’s second hit singlemakes me think of the beach and summer.
Young’s first hit single Fireflies was realised at the end of 2009, making me automatically associate the song with the nostalgic feelings of the holidays. Umbrella Beach should not be listened to if you’re missing home. If you’re in the romantic mood the song If My Heart Was a House is a well-suited song to listen to beginning with a soft melody slowly picking with a sudden pace that ends the song a surprising finish. Owl City’s Ocean Eyes ends with a bonus track on the album Strawberry Fields bringing the record to a harmonious end.
Owl City is definitely a great way to spend your money and won’t be wasted. Young’s unique electronic music not only introduces in a new sound but a real appreciation of what technology can create in the future. I strongly recommend Owl City’s album Ocean Eyes, and if this album is anything to go by the next one should be just as excellent.
YouTube: Fireflies, Owl City.

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