The Keys to your heart

By Tsholofelo Tlhoaele

If you thought that the secret code to your heart will never be
figured unless it?s by Prince Charming or that special lady that
you propose to, then you are mistaken. She unlocks every emotion
with love in 14 tracks. Ms Alicia Keys[1] undoubtedly
has the Keys to all her listeners? souls with her love filled album
The Element of Freedom[2]. Once your love code has also been cracked,
you will agree that the latest offering from the songstress proves to
be a love revolution.

The album highlights the singer?s personal experiences with love
possibly influenced by her new found romance with music producer
Swizz Beatz. The first song, which gives its name to the title, gives
poetic prelude to the album, suggesting what the element is that sets
Alicia free. The focus on the experience of falling in and out of
love allows everyone to relate to it in some way or another. The
cynics of
love could even possibly change their opinion on love after listening
to this.

Track 6, That?s How Strong My Love Is[3], has a mellow, Sunday
afternoon feel to it, but has the most powerful message of all the
songs on the album. The variety of beats and rhythm she uses sets
this album apart from the regular slow, nostalgic nature of R ?n B
albums. The alternative reggae beat used in Track 8, Love Is My
Disease[4], allows you to enjoy the feeling of being foolishly in
love without being forced into a depressive mode with slow, droopy
The ever- popular track 4, Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart[5],
topped the charts with reason once you hear her amazing vocals in it.
next big chart stopper will have to be, How It Feels to Fly[6], track
13. A well written song that captures more than just the theme of
but also serves as a universal message to comfort the negative
attitude we occasionally get from life.

Talent is an unfair way of expressing Ms Keys natural flair for music
and engaging with her listeners. Although she has a limited variety
of topics to focus on in her music, as she is always singing about
relationships, lost and new found love, she manages to capture a
different aspect each time. It would be interesting though to hear
the legendary artist sing about her first physical fight experience,
something of the like.

Her poetic approach to delivering her love experiences will make you
want to fall in love with her. It?s without question that you are
guaranteed to have that code cracked and your soul sold to Ms Keys.

[2] http://


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