The Cat Empire?s Cinematic Rendition


By: Nicola Poulos

The Cat Empire is a dynamic and exhilarating band that hails from Melbourne,  Australia. Their main ambition on stage and in the studio is to defy all norms and limits of the music world with their eclectic style.
            The band?s sound is complex and multifaceted. The Cat Empire does not produce one specific type of music but their music rather transcends all genres. Their sound can be described as a fusion of Ska, Jazz, Latin, Reggae and Alternative. In some cases the genre of their music shows up in iTunes as ?General Unclassifiable? which I feel is the most appropriate description.
In all five of their albums, and specifically in their latest Cinema, one can enjoy a diverse range of songs, each different in its mood, tempo, emotions, lyrics and instruments. Often the same range audible between songs can be found within their songs – which is why their albums are so captivating. According to the band?s singer and percussionist Felix Riebl Cinema is ?much more integrated than anything [they’ve] done before, with a Cat Empire sound that runs consistently through it. The lyrics are perhaps darker [than those of their previous albums], but they are accompanied by music that is uplifting which gives it a strange but powerful feeling.”
Cinema, like The Cat Empire?s previous albums, brings us music that suits all scenes; whether it be a in your car, at a picnic, lounge, cafe or party. Cinema, whilst maintaining a mood suitable for the more relaxed cafe and lounge scenes, manages to encapsulate the inescapable energy of the band?s live concerts. The Cat Empire are known for their bright and powerful vibrancy and interaction on stage. Riebl adds: ?At times the album is thoughtful; at times it makes you just forget and dance. But it is an album that has more sonic depth than we’ve ever had before, experimental in parts but with really direct choruses.?
The Cat Empire create their unique and powerful sound with  Riebl on lead vocals and percussion, Harry Angus on the trumpet and vocals, Ollie McGill on the keyboard and piano, bassist Ryan Monro, drummer Will Hull-Brown, Jamshid Khadiwala (aka ?Jumps?) on the turntables and Ross Irwin and Kieran Conrau on the Empire Horns.
Cinema is a bold and uplifting addition to The Cat Empire?s repertoire. This band is timeless and  will continue to entertain us with their sell-out performances and ingenious and inspiring musicality.


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