The Best Damn Thing…is she?

_The Best Damn Thing…is she?_
By: Nokukhanya Zulu

By: Marco Maas

Avril Lavigne[1] ‘s hit album;/ The best damn thing/[2], left?? the
billboard 200 chart blazing. It was released in April 2007 and went
platinum within three months. The album contains some great hits such
as /Innocence/?? and??/ Everything Back But You/ with witty lyrics and
great instrumentals. These have secured her some positive reviews, but
have not been able to win back the fans who stuck their middle finger
to the former Punk Princess’s hit single/ Girlfriend/[3].

Avril has held her Punk Princess title since her debut album/ Let Go/
. Where her single /Complicated/ went six times platinum. Her ‘I don’t
care’ attitude promoted individuality and made the skater girl an
instant teenage icon. Her sound was raw and witty, her music was real.

Although most of this album is well produced by Butch Walker[4] (who
also produced ‘Under My Skin’ and Pink’s ‘I’m Not dead’)?? this song
accompanied by the ironically named/ I Don’t Have to Try /seemed out
of place. Avril seemed to be losing her grip, with an almost
unbearable screamer moment that leaves the listener cringing.

Is this good album? Sure, if you’re into candy floss rock. But why
not get just cut to the chase and get a Miley Cyrus album. For the
true Avril fans, save yourself the trauma.



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