talent anyone?

Talent anyone?
Michelle Howarth

Image by Dan Klimke

We have all been exposed to and suffocated by the ?ra ra? works
of Lady Gaga and ?dub step? remixes that rework classics into
techno-disasters. It is therefore no wonder that when a
behind-the-scene?s artist, like Imogen Heap[1] surfaces with a new
innovative, creative album ? it is lost somewhere between Mike
Posner and Gym Class Heroes.

Imogen Heap, with her new album, Ellipse[2], has brought feeling and
originality back to the music industry. This album, being her third
studio album and earning her two Grammy nominations, was released on
the 24th of August 2009. More than a year later, it still remains
shamelessly unrecognised.
Being a highly acknowledged artist within the industry herself, Heap
has over the years become a soundtrack supreme. Having had her track
Hide and Seek premier on the season two finale of The OC, Heap was on
demand. Heap then went on to cover the hit single holding out for a
hero with her electro pop group Frou Frou[3] for the motion picture
film Shrek 2. One therefore cannot doubt her talent as an artist and
music producer.

The beauty of Ellipse is that it holds 26 tracks that are full of
zest and flavour. The album opens with the track First Train Home
which sets the theme for the rest of the cover. It does not matter
whether you are a rock, pop, hip-hop or heavy metal fan, when this
song comes on ? it will empower you. The wonder of this song is
that, like all Heap?s music, it fuses classical music conventions
with contemporary beats. It is a collaboration of the soft sound of
the piano with the control of base drums and even flirts with techno

Heap has always been known for her diverse tempo?s and fused works
and she plays this to the perfect key in Ellipse. A stand-out track in
the album is definitely the single Canvas[4] as it pays such extreme
attention to detail. It is a melody of beautifully constructed
instrumentals and Heap?s soft soprano voice that just manages to
find a sensitive part of you.

Heap has this amazing ability to capture an audience. With the second
track of the album Walk it out Heap creates an extraordinary
atmosphere with simply an acapella introduction. This proves how her
voice is strong and powerful enough to stand alone, without any
instrumentals, and continue to capture hearts. Her voice is pure and
yet nor restricted in terms of range; she can open with a slight
soprano pitch and delve straight into an alto tone. Heap has a pure,
effortless sound to her voice that compliments her style of music.

An appreciation grows on you for each song as you go through the
album as you can hear that it has been perfectly crafted together with
hours of attention and emotion. This does however mean that it is not
filled with upbeat tempo tracks one would find in a night club or
disco ball. After 26 tracks of composed and peaceful tones, it may
become a bit tedious and tear jerking – not a recommendation for a
heart-ache remedy.

There is definitely no doubt that this album should feature in every
iTunes playlist across the globe. One cannot argue that because you
are a rap, hip-hop or alternative music fan, it would not suit you.
Ellipse fuses so many different genres that it cannot be recognised as
a single entity ? in this regard, it will appeal to everyone in some

It is an album that not only searches for creative ways of placing
different instruments together but is one concerned with messages. In
many of Heap?s songs, there are hidden stories being told  – ones
that are captivating and piercing. In the track Wait it out for
example, Heap voices the hardships of love and broken love.

Heap has created pure brilliance from cover to cover. It is the
perfect solution for an industry currently drowned in similar beats,
conventional styles and alternative forms of previous chart hits. It
is heart-rendering, conscious driven and just pure talent.

[1] http://www.last.fm/music/Imogen+Heap
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellipse_(album)
[3] http://www.last.fm/music/Frou+Frou
[4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXj0dF7LAyE&feature=fvst


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