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Take a deeper look

Saul Williams sets up a contrast between himself and his Pseudonym, Niggy Tardust, in his third album. Though there is a stark distinction, in The inevitable rise and liberation of Niggy Tardust, between himself and his pseudonym, these two personalities combine to form an album with many twists and turns and a general incapability to place this album in any traditional genre.
Williams has found success in Slam Poetry, his name being synonymous with performance poetry worldwide, having performed throughout the world and setting up a base of operations in New York. Some of his well known works include Coded Language and Said the shotgun to head which has both performed on def poetry jam. This project has introduced much of Williams? followers to a work that is very different to his poetry.
Tracks such as The Ritual, Scared Money and No One Ever Does jump out immediately to the ear as they are very similar to his poetry. Then there are the songs Niggy Tardust and RAW which are far more grimy and gritty than what Saul Williams has been known to be. Then again, the aim of this album was to introduce to the world a hidden personality that is known as Niggy Tardust, as the album title suggests.
The problem with the introduction of new aspects of one?s character into one?s art when the people have become accustomed to the base aspects is that there is always a possibility that the new aspect might get rejected in Solidarity with the old aspect or vice-versa. Williams has succeeded in combining both aspects in this album. He has produced an album that people can both dance to and sit back and listen to the same songs they were dancing to and appreciate on a intellectual level.
In an interview with Reelblack TV, Williams was asked where he got his inspiration he replied: If you have a well in your backyard and I have a well in my backyard, we are each going to separate wells to get our water but if we know anything about wells, the deeper we go, the source of water is the same. That?s the unifying force, instead of studying the world, I studied myself. Keep your ears open for more knowledge from this album.

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