Sunshine for Kings of Leon

by Dale Scogings

Following Only by the Night, theFollowill boys have released Come Around Sundown after a much anticipated wait. This is their fifth studio album and it manages to maintain the tone, key and pitch of the previous Grammy-award winning album.

Rock with a Southern boozy twang sounds through this twelve track album with Come Around Sundown seeing the Kings of Leon draw inspiration from their Southern roots and their older work. The album?s first single, Radioactive, was written two albums prior to this but the rebirth of the song has seen audiences rocking out to the catchy intro and chorus. The fusion of rock with country creates a combination which is sure to appeal to both their fans who were introduced to the band both via Sex on Fire or their older materials heard on Aha Shake Heartbreak.

They manage to balance mainstream and alternative with southern simplicity that mingles intricate instrumental with the wonderful whine that is Anthony Followill?s smoke-and-alcohol-veined voice. His rugged voice harmonizes with the reputable riffs heard in Mary and No Money. The edgy solo?s paired with lyrics should leave you playing air guitar or pondering a profound thought as they sing about their experiences with love and the lifestyle Back Down South.

Mary?s spontaneous solo revives old rocker ways with the band being more concerned with live music rather than studio production. The Southern boys believe that their best material is produced when they play live ? this album is proof of their belief in this authentic sound.  Although the album was produced amidst the clink of beer bottles and darts games in studio they still managed to capture the essence of live performance.

My concern is however that despite having a song suitable for any mood or fan – the album may have too broad a spectrum to surpass the success of Only by the Night. Plucking the alternative chord more so than choosing to strum to the sounds of commercial strings may be a risky stunt for this Tennessee quartet. 

Unlike their previous album art, Come Around Sundown juxtaposes alternative sounds with colourful commercial album art.  The bright-beachy cover may be confused with a Beach Boys album cover but in essence it merely represents the humble Kings of Leon vibe that this album radiates. The title collaborates with the albums sound and lyrics as its multiple interpretations hinting at drunken nights out or mellow evenings on the Beach Side.

The band has certainly come into its own with the release of this album as they play on the confidence gained from their previous album?s success while simultaneously gaining the right to experiment musically. A listen to this album will more than likely leave you feeling sun kissed rather than sunburnt.

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