Success Against all Odds

By Tinotenda Majero

Despite a history saturated with depression, drug abuse, violence and financial trouble, N-Dubz has emerged, stronger than ever with the release of their double, platinum, selling album Against all Odds. Released on the 16th of November 2009, by All Around the World Records, the album has sold over a million copies.

This album contains 14 tracks including their hit single I Need You, which claimed the fifth position on the UK Singles Chart. The group has won three MOBO Awards and has been nominated for several more this year. The group’s collaboration with Tinchy Stryder, in the number one hit single, Number One, assisted in putting N-Dubz on the map. This fuelled the audiences’ desire to find out more about this group. Their curiosity was undoubtedly satisfied by the group’s second album, Against all Odds. The trio is beginning to attain the recognition that they deserve, from both the national and international hip hop community.

The album contains other collaborations, featuring, Mr Hudson, Chipmunk, Fearless and Nivo. The second single on the album, Playing with Fire, featuring Mr Hudson, landed the 14th position on the UK Singles Chart. This track illustrates the trials faced by individuals in romantic relationships. The lyrics with the assistance of heavy instrumentals illustrates the intense passion of the situation.  This single, not only highlights the trio’s talent, but also serves to show their understanding of the importance of choosing the correct combination of instrumentals, to complement their lyrics.

Against all Odds is recognised for the success of dance singles, like I Don’t Wanna Go to Sleep. However, the album is not merely a combination of tracks that work well in the club, but also singles that reflect topical issues. Shoulda put something on, articulates the repercussions of unprotected sex. In addition to this, it highlights the challenges associated with teenage pregnancies, from the angle of the individuals involved.

What makes this album a success is the trio’s ability to translate, their personal reality; a reality filled with teenage struggles into their lyrical content. This album is an elaborate and intense cocktail of experience, lyrics and instrumentals. It is a true reflection of teenage reality, the challenges teenagers face, what teenagers want, in the language that they speak. Their latest single Best Behaviour is evidence that the group is not a one hit wonder, but a group that is in here to stay.



To download Against all Odds, click here.


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