Stacie’s Awakening

Stacie Orrico

If you are hesitating about getting Stacie Orrico?s album because Stacie has been classified as a Christian do not! Go out and get the album today and I guarantee that it will never leave your CD player and that is the only album you will play on your IPod. Stacie Orrico is poised to become an influential voice of her generation; her album not only unveils a dazzling voice, but it radiates her generation’s slick, urban pop cool.
All the songs are good, if not remarkable. There is a cool Pop, R & B sound, which is edgy. Some songs are about relationships, others are about faith in God, but without being pushy. The sound is edgy and the lyrics are very mature, which is great. Stacie used to be in the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) business, and this is her mainstream CD since she is trying to cross over to the Pop and R& B world. It is obvious that some songs are subtly about her Christian faith.
Stacie Orrico released her first album with Virgin Records in 2003 entitled Stacie Orrico, with its urban-flavored R&B-pop sound, spawned two Top Ten singles, ” (There’s Gotta Be) More To Life” and “Stuck”. Stuck is song about a girl being stuck in a relationship, even though she knows the relationship is not healthy she still loves the person (man), hence the lyrics “I love you but I hate you…I feel like such a fool, I’m stuck on you?. (There’s Gotta be) More to Life- talks about having more depth to life, that there has to be more to life than what one sees around them. Even though Stacie does not come out and say it on this CD, I am sure that she is probably talking about God and her Christian faith. I Could Be The One ? is another song that made the charts but did not make it to number one. This is a very poppy, dance oriented, and Christian overtones as Stacie sings about crashing down but then God showed her the way.
Fans of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera who want meaningful lyrics with a bigger focus on spirituality-as opposed to the ever-exposed midriff-will be pleased with Stacie Orrico’s album. The songs on this album speak honestly and practically to Stacie’s peer group about issues of Christian living, and its urban flair fits right into the mix of mainstream radio. This infusion of God’s truth into today’s urban pop brings a refreshing perspective to music.


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