Sounds Like Heaven

By Relebone Myambo

If you love to jam to that old-style R&B, soulful, funky,
eighties-inspired gospel, brother and sister duo BeBe[1] and CeCe[2]
Winans are the type of artists you want playing in your ear.
Taking their cue from early family music groups such as The Clark
Sisters, The Staple Singers and their own brothers The Winans, BeBe
and CeCe have incorporated contemporary genres into their music to
create a sound that can transcend the boundaries of traditional gospel
and crossover into urban music radio.

Their soulful 1996 release, twelve tracks of incredible praise and
worship, includes favourites such as /I?ll Take You There/ featuring
Mavis Staples, /Up Where We Belong/, /Feels Like Heaven (With You)
/and the radio favourite /I?m Lost Without You/. Many of the songs
on the album, which is titled /Greatest Hits/, were a collaborative
writing effort between BeBe, CeCe and Thomas Keith[3], their producer
from the time of their first mainstream release. That release was
self-titled and came out in 1987.
Many of us listened to pretty much what our parents listened to
growing up, and as we’ve grown older, our taste in music has been
exceedingly influenced by what our parents popped into the music
player. Obviously, not all of it has stuck with us (I know that I?m
not too enthusiastic about my father?s collection of Bad Company
discs), but greats such as BeBe (Benjamin) and CeCe (Priscilla) Winans
have a way of claiming a spot in one?s list of all-time favourite
music groups!
The time to leave my parent?s house is fast approaching, and of the
top ten things I will be taking from my parent?s house (I think of
it as giving myself an early pick of the items I will choose for my
inheritance), BeBe and CeCe?s /Greatest Hits /album is definitely
one of them.
The album is an easy listen, and unlike the heavy ?church sound?
favoured by their predecessors, the duo opted for a more contemporary
feel to their music, which has given their music a wide crossover
effect. They have been well received by listeners of traditional
gospel as well as other genres of secular and gospel music. Many of
their songs have often been played and requested on secular urban
radio stations around the world.
Despite the contemporary feel of their music, the message is an old
one, but one that is still relevant today: the message of God?s
Love. Even as the two branched out into their solo careers, the
message remained the same, and so did their ability to blend the old
with the new in their music.
If you want to be lifted up, or if you feel like celebrating new
life, BeBe and CeCe?s /Greatest Hits /album is what you need to take
you there, to that place that feels a little bit like Heaven itself.

Here’s a throwback video, the song is /Addictive Love/



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