Something Fresh

By Fabio De Dominicis

It is an album that all house-lovers had been waiting for – yet with a spin. One of South Africa’s most loved DJs, DJ Fresh, has produced yet another scintillating album, entitled Fresh Goes Electro.

Ever since releasing his first album called Fresh House Flava Vol. 1, Thato Sikwane – now synonymously known as DJ Fresh – has become a household name when the genre of house music is mentioned. His popularity increased in his following albums, releasing his Definition of House compilations, as well as continuing the Fresh House Flava series, releasing a total of six volumes.

Yet DJ Fresh Goes Electro is an all new and exciting side of DJ Fresh that only now has been revealed. Integrating original and innovative sounds while re-mixing well known commercial tunes gives the album the unique and fresh edge that many house enthusiasts crave.

Distancing himself from his usual deep house tracks, Fresh has experimented with this album, creating new sounds that do not distinctly fit into defined categories. He has mastered the art of combining various genres, integrating tribal and deep house with a prominent electro element that will keep clubbers on the dance floor for hours on end.

The Botswana-born disc jockey has also incorporated a distinct African flavour into his mixes, keeping his work original while appealing to his local fans. There is something for everyone in this album, which will keep your head bobbing and your fist pumping from the moment you press play.

The sixteen-track album starts off on a mellow note, with Rise providing a soothing introduction. Yet the likes of Roadkill and a unique mix of the well-known hit Fine Day capture the essence of the album – an upbeat integration of fidget, house and dance music.

DJ Fresh?s image has been on the rise ever since joining South Africa?s commercial radio station, 5fm. The DJ turned radio personality has made the afternoon slot his own, with numerous followers of the “Fresh Drive” across the country. However, many feel this album is catering solely for his newly-found 5fm audience, abandoning his traditional house tracks for which he has become so famous.

Yet Fresh has merely let his creative juices flow in this album, shaking things up while broadening his horizons. Transcending the sound spectrum, the deep base and original beats appeal to a wider audience than in his past creations.

The talented producer, with several gold-status albums under his belt, has definitely not let anyone down in this album, and continues to be a hit on the decks across the country.


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