Shit-hop hits the fans

Shit-hop hits the fans
by Dwayne Venter

Simply put, the ?Insane Clown Posse? really is a posse of American hip-hop artists (or clowns) who are genuinely insane. One can only assume they are attempting the ancient art of irony in using such a selective term as ?insane? in their group name, but the subsequent antics of the group members proves the complete opposite, and they are now synonymous with that of a mental illness. And that is exactly how most intelligent people feel when subjecting their auditory senses to the nonsensical lyrics and beats of ICP?s latest album ? mentally ill. It?s a confusing and vicious cycle no one can get their head around.

By blatantly numbing the ignorant minds of the masses with music they consider to be thought-provoking and intelligent, in truth, these clown faced (no pun intended) middle aged men ? and occasional wrestlers ? spew out record after record with the hopes of broadening their fan base into an army of powerful dedicated followers who call themselves Juggalo?s that will eventually take over the world. Not really. But the impression is remarkably evident, and actions really do speak louder than words (or is it unintentional non-sequiturs?). But behind this veil of ignorance, their over the top image is nothing but a laugh off to hip-hop fans who have a higher class in taste.

After finding worldwide notoriety with their debut album Carnival of Carnage in 1992, Joseph ?Violent J? Bruce and Joseph ?Shaggy 2 Dope? Utsler have surprisingly managed to survive 18 years in the music industry business. Their 11th release to date, Bang! Pow! Boom! peaked at number 4 on the Billboard 200 charts in 2009, and was widely acclaimed by critics as a positive and new direction for the group. But this achievement was routinely masked by the predictable exclamations of their Juggalo homies/groupies who found the album to be ?disappointing compared to the rest,? with another one going far enough to say ?I really think that J and Dope are just running out of ideas, this albums lyrics are real simple.?

Their demure attempt at trying to combine the elements of classic hip-hop and rock in their latest of a string of artistically inadequate albums, one single from 2009 that does stand out is ?Miracles? ?but for all the wrong reasons. Despite the obvious flaws in it, the song is just pure and simple laziness. Perhaps a lack of creativity played its part, but the strongly rising mental instability of the Insane Clown Posse can only be understood ? but not under estimated ? through a quick glance at their lyrics. Among the things that are upsetting these clowns in this song are magnets (?Fucken magnets, how do they work?!?) and scientists (?Ya?ll motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed!?) and the apathetic treatment of birth (?I?ve seen shit that shock your eyelids?).

One look through the video, and you?ll understand why ICP need to return to their day jobs.

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