Rock With the Peppers

By Fabiana Giorgi

Let?s face it; the Red Hot Chili Peppers will always be the Red Hot Chili Peppers. No amount of change can take away the unique sound that is them. In 2006 they released one of the biggest albums of that year: Stadium Arcadium. This album proved to all ?whippersnappers? that the Peppers still had it in them, even though critics claimed that they had conformed to ?the worst possible form of pop.? Stadium Arcadium flew up the charts and surprised the masses when the Peppers announced that the album would be composed of two disks. Not only did the fans love it, but so too did the critics find themselves biting their tongues when songs like Dani California and Slow Cheetah started to grow on them. Stadium Arcadium can simply be described as an up-to-the-minute Red Hot Chili Peppers album that includes 28 songs and gives the listener more than 2 hours of surprisingly brilliant ?listening time.?

Dani California can claim the title for being one of the best hit singles released by the Peppers so far. This song adds to the ever-growing list of remarkable singles produced by the Peppers. Two of the many songs, Snow (Hey Yo) and Charlie, stretch out into nearly five minutes of pure bliss for true Peppers fans. Although the Jupiter half of Stadium Arcadium is slightly slower than what most Peppers fans expected, it can still be enjoyed to the full extent that it should be.

With all the praise that?s been given to Stadium Arcadium one does have to criticize it in the slightest manner. Torture me, a song found halfway through the Jupiter part of the album, does exactly what the title suggests. As much as we love the Peppers and their new ?slower? style on this album, this song just seems to drag which in some cases casts doubt in the minds of the fans and reassurance in that of the critics.

It?s not as if more contemporary Peppers music is bad, it?s just somewhat disheartening that a band so diverse and ?funky? can dumb themselves down to the ever-growing unappreciative mass of listeners that would consider the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the ever ?so-charming Britney Spears in the same category. All in all though, Stadium Arcadium has produced some of the best hit singles including Hump De Bump and Tell Me Baby. I have no doubt that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will continue to produce copious amounts of what I consider to be brilliant music so I suggest that you give Stadium Arcadium a listen as well as every other Peppers album ever made. You never know, today a Britney fan, tomorrow a Peppers fan.


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