Rated R


By: Angela Mtendeni

Robyn Rihanna Fenty who is better known as simply Rihanna is an R&B recording artist and song writer. Rihanna was discovered by producer Evans Rogers at the age of sixteen.

Rihanna got famous when she released her first album a girl like me in 2006 which made a play in the mainstream R&B appeal. Her second Album was released in 2007 titled good girl gone bad.


Rated R was released in November 2009 and this album consists of 13 killer tracks namely, mad house, wait your turn, hard, stupid in love, Rock star, Russian roulette, fire bomb, rude boy, photographs, gal, te amo, cold case love and the last song. The first single to be played on TVs and radios from this album was Russian roulette which is about the game of love in which you take chances even though anyone can get hurt. This song was a hit in billboards and was in top 10 hits around the world. Rude boy took over Russian roulette and this is said to be the most dancing song from this album and it is favored by everyone. This is song was playing in clubs and people were dancing to it and it is directly the most engaging song out of the entire collection.
Rated R was released at the time where rihanna?s life had changed, in this album she sounds bitter and most of her songs are about the bad side of love like stupid in love and Russian roulette and many of her songs hint her relationship with Chris Brown like the line in Cold case love What you did to me was a crime. Rated r is based on the hardcore Rihanna and it is as if she reveals reality about her life. She has changed and grown and the stronger she sounds the more it suits her too.
In her Album she has worked and featured famous people such as Will I Am, Young Jeezy and Slash. She was involved in most of her lyrics from this album with the help of Timberlake and Ne-Yo who help her translate her emotions into songs.
Her fans think that this album was a success and they think that the cover of the album which is black and white and an image of her covering her right eye(the same eye blackened by Chris Brown back in February).


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