By Hashil Chiba, Playing in a new Park?


Linkin Park?s latest album, ‘A thousand suns‘ is nothing like the ‘Hybrid Theory‘ album, much to the disappointment of many old school Linkin Park fans. It is distinct after listening to the first three tracks of the album that the band has moved in a complete different direction to that of their previous works. 

The Requiem‘, the first track, serves to set the atmosphere for the rest of the album and contrasts like day and night to that of ‘Paper Cut’, the first track from the Hybrid theory.  We see that in a Thousand suns there is a heavy influence of the East with the oriental backing sounds filled with a voice excerpt from the ‘Bhagvat Ghita’, the Hindu holy book.

The album can easily go under the genre of ‘electronic’ due to the amount of electric instruments employed. The angry heavy metal distorted lead guitar is replaced by a variety of new interesting digital sounds. It must be said that the panning and the production of the album is outstanding. The average listener would most probably not notice, however the more educated listener will pick up on the left to right panning of the backing vocals and done so in an outstanding smooth way re affirming the tranquil atmosphere of the album.

The band intended that the album be listened to from the first track to the last track, as it seems to paint a picture with each track adding a unique colour, with the clips in between adding to the detail of the bigger picture.

Rapper Mike Shinoda is featured a lot more on this album compared to their previous work ‘Minutes to Midnight‘ as well as the DJ, Mr Hahn getting a featured scratch solo on the track ?Wretches and Kings?. Chester Bennington seems to have taken a breather on this album as his screams are not featured as much as in their previous works.

Themes like ‘fear’, ‘remorse’, ‘anxiety’ and for the first time in their works ‘love’ are discovered in A thousand suns. All in all, the album is excellently produced and achieves a sense of tranquillity in a ‘Linkin Park’ way. The album boasts the variety which the band is capable of with a DJ who is a scratch master and a screamer and the rest of your average cliché band.

Linkin Park is definitely playing in a new park; the new genre of electro rock is definitely achieved. A word for the die-hard old school fans, times change go with the flow you’ll find that the new album grows on you.


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