One Republic for Everyone

?It?s too late to apologise, it?s too late…? that was the
song which introduced and welcomed the five-piece band, One Republic,
to the world in 2007.  Two years later after an overwhelming
to their  first album, Dreaming Out Loud, One Republic returns to
music scene with their new album Waking Up.  This fourteen track
album sees the band solidifying their presence in the music world.

The band consisting of Ryan Tedder ( lead vocals and piano), Zach
Filkins (lead guitar and strings), Drew Brown (strings and
Brent Kutzle (strings and keyboard) and Eddie Fisher (drums,
percussion) have been compared to the likes of bands such as
Maroon 5 and The Fray but one could beg to differ this because One
Republic bring a very different music style to the music world. 
Their lyrics are all self written and composed, mostly based in
personal experiences in relation to the lives of their audience and
every single note, tune, harmony or instrumental is just the band, no
auto tune involved.

Waking Up sees the band successfully experimenting with their string
instruments like the cello, violin and guitars which can be heard on
the very big yet meaningful song Secrets which is by far, the song of
the album.  Another song which sums up the album as a whole, both
compositionally and materially is the title track to the album Waking
, a song about ?waking up from your dreams and just living them
until you can dream no more?, Ryan Tedder.   One Republic also
include their own version of the Tears for Fears song, Shout which
they do not duplicate but they make it their own to pay respects to a
classic such as Shout.

As a follow up to their debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, Waking Up,
sees the band experimenting with many new material and
The songs are more emotionally driven which successfully manage to
entice at least one of their audience?s emotions.  Each song is
like a chapter of a story book which the album as a whole takes you
on.  From the upbeat opening song Made For You to the commercially
successful single, All The Right Moves, the album sets the tone of a
very concert-like feel to any listener as it builds up towards a
climax and by the time the album is finished, it is like one has been
taken on a journey that you did not want to end, so you press
?Play? again. 

If they are not writing material for their own album, One Republic
have helped and composed many well known artist?s hit singles from,
Beyonce, Leona Lewis, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears to Usher, Ne
Jesse MacCartney and Justin Timberlake.  Timbaland has even worked
with them on their All the Right remixes album, which sees them
remixing majority of their previous two album songs along with input
from Timbaland with his iconic beats and hooks.

Judging by the success of their music, albums and song writing there
is no doubt that One Republic would continue to generate more and
One Republicans (One Republic fans) over the years.  They have
nowhere else to go but up.  They will keep Marching On.


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