On Nickelbacks dark horse

 By Sibongile Mphuthing


Photo By: LOSTfan4EVER

It is clear why Dark Horse worn the 2009 Juno album of the year award. Dark Horse is created for everyone who loves any type of rock music, whether it is alternative rock, post-grunge hard rock, heavy metal, alternative metal Dark Horse is for you.

Even though their previous album All the Right Reasons was a multi-platinum seller, the Dark Horse is a more matured version of the multi-platinum selling album. Nickelback has done a lot of improvement since five years back.
The album is named Dark Horse because they have survived daily changes and are well ahead of the odd. Nickelback continues to crush with Dark Horse, says Mike Kroeger the bassist of the band.

The whole band is involved in every song, you feel them and the atmosphere they trying to convey to you. They are consistent in their unique style of a mixture of rock music, it has high notes, fast beats and metallic sounds. This album will get your body shaking.
Not all the songs will touch you, they sometimes loss it and then again catch it. With the song Burn it to the Ground which would become the theme for WWE RAW Nickelback deviated a little bit from the other songs. It is too loud and it sounds violent which goes with the theme of wresting of course.

They made a great come back in 23 March 2010 when they released This Afternoon which is their eight single. The song is good for an afternoon drive or just a crazy day with friends. Some of the songs in this album have nothing dark about them, they motivate you, make you want to live your life happily. The song If Today Was Your Last Day has a beat and lyrics that puts a person in a good mood and light carefree spirit. Nickelback is planning on releasing their seventh album after the Dark Horse tour. The band has great expectations for their recent album, with most of their songs they win their fans and even recruit new fans.

If you are a person who wants to try something new and fresh then Dark Horse is for you. The album is worth spending your money on. If you are not into hard core rock music, then the title of the song should not scare you, there is nothing dark about the Dark Horse.

This Afternoon music video From Youtube


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