No one can rain on their parade!

No one can rain on their parade!

Album Review: My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance has brought to the world a breath of fresh air in the originality department. Their Goth-punk external appearance fits well for the style of music; drawing the listener in with over the top materialism and keeping them there with the well crafted depth of their songs.
The album plays itself out like a story, a true concept album; starting with a man dying of cancer who realizes that he has accomplished nothing so far in his life. The Black Parade addresses many big issues, the main issue being death. They do this in many different artistic ways; through their insightful lyrics often dripping in sarcasm, to the minor key progression in most of their songs. The album then progresses, slowly at first in Welcome to the Black Parade, then bursting out with life halfway through the song. The entire album is riddled with surprises such as this; be it from the emotional rollercoaster of a song Cancer to the hilarious Teenagers.

Lead singer Gerard Way fronts the band with his charismatic performances and unique style of singing. He manages to take a good song, spin it on its head and transform it into a world of its own, morphing it from your run of the mill alternative rock song to an ever-surprising masterpiece that demands to be listened to multiple times. This album proves its mettle by moving effortlessly from Welcome to the Black Parade, an addictive drug of a song that will have everyone patriotically following My Chemical Romance wherever they go, into Cancer, a powerful ballad that will have your tear ducts working overtime due to the emotions that the song evokes. The album moves swiftly and smoothly from over the top grandeur of having the whole kitchen sink thrown into one song (a la Welcome to the Black Parade) to the simple and seemingly carefree view of life in Teenagers.

Since the release of their previous 2004 album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, My Chemical Romance has evolved both musically and lyrically. Their ability to convey a serious message with the use of catchy tunes and well thought out lyrics makes this an extraordinary album. Through the 52 minutes of it, the album manages to address issues that everyone is faced with, bringing the issues across to the masses in disguise and subconsciously forcing one to think about them. An extraordinary album that is most definitely worth its platinum status!


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