Living a long life dream

With two albums on the shelves Lady Gaga has proven herself to be a great and still growing music artist. The first album The Fame was a great success with songs like Paparazzi and Poker Face, the CD was and still is a definite must have. She is still proving herself in her new titled album the fame monster this album is also a definite must have.

The fame monster is Gaga’s second album and was released on the 24th of November 2009 started topping the charts and still is topping the charts. With songs such as Alejandro and Bad Romance, anyone will want to buy this and dance to it
One of the songs that caught my ear is Alejandro; it has this gist about it that makes anyone listening to it want to be Italian in an instant. That is the magic that this album has ,it has a way of touching people of different ages.

The Album is a mixture of two things and they are electro pop and rock. This album caters for everyone. In this album there is a fusion of Madonna and Queen Sounds that is what makes unique, that is what grabbed me to listen to it. Lady Gaga has also mixed the British feel and the American feel into the album. This specific album scored 7 awards this year at the annual MTV awards and one of the awards includes the award for Best Video Award for Bad Romance.

With role models such as Michael Jackson it is clear where the Italian sing star gets her power of inspiration. The music she produces is music that comes from these role models and her own personal style. The monster fame is that album that anyone would want played in their party or in a chilled session with friends.

Lady Gaga’s creativity is proven in this Album, personally for me it is a must have album. The album has showed improvement and it shows that Lady Gaga is heading for the stars.


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