Linkin Park under the light

By Stephen Thring

Linkin Park?s new album, A thousand suns, is unlike anything that has been heard before. It is difficult to describe, but it seems as though Linkin Park have succeeded in creating a new genre in the process, possibly making this album one of the best and unique this year.

A thousand suns is linkin Park?s fourth studio album and their most recent release. The album was released to the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) on September 13th 2010 through the Warner Bros Company. Co-producers of the album are Rick Rubin and Linkin Park?s rap vocalist, Mike Shinoda. A thousand suns contains fifteen tracks.

The group incorporated a mixture of heavy metal and hip ? hop, making the new album more melodic, harmonised and more interesting, unlike their previous albums (Hybrid Theory and Meteora) which mostly included abrasive vocals and fragmented guitars. This will appeal to many mainstream listeners. An example of the mixture of hardcore metal rock and rap is the song Wretches and Kings. Each song in the album shared the same element as the previous song, however after every song there was a slight change in the way these elements were expressed. Songs were occasionally linked with brief intermission tracks, giving the listener the feeling that all the songs were ?connected? and pieced together to form the album.

Vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda acted as perfect counterparts in expressing the feelings and the message the album was trying sending out. The album addressed global issues, such as the economic recession and the war in the Middle East. Although Bennington and Shinoda sang about the same feelings, they both expressed them differently from each other.

However it seems as though Linkin Park have moved too far away from their original sound, which proved to be very effective and successful in their first two albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Linkin Park shifted a little far into the techno category. It is difficult to hear the guitar and bass in their tracks that one would usually hear, indicating that Linkin Park?s sound has become ?too digital? and not natural like their previous albums. The fact that Shinoda (who mostly used to rap) and Benningfield do vocals together does not sound as electrifying.

Linkin Park?s new album could be regarded as a masterpiece, as the group developed new ideas instead of staying with their old ways. Overall A thousand suns proved to be unique, artistic and somewhat surreal.

((tag: linkin park, mike shinoda, chester benningfield, a thousand suns, hybrid theory, meteora, heavy metal, wretches and kings))


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