Lil Wayne not Human Being





I Am Not A Human Being is aims to wet Waynes fans appetites for Carter 4 which is the next album currently under construction.
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. known to millions if not billions by his stage name, Lil? Wayne began his music career at the age of nine years when he joined Cash Money Records. Since then Wayne has been enduring success even with the numerous handcuff slapping situations he finds himself in. Majority of he?s fans will agree that Wayne explicitly expresses himself in a manner that best suits him and does not care what anyone thinks of him. When Wayne started stated to Kate Couric the anchor of CBS Evening News in 2009 that he enjoys smoking marijuana this became as clear as daylight.
With the track record of frequently being caught in possession of various drugs and substances such as marijuana, cocaine and crack numerous times, nothing is ever a setback for too long for this rapper. Wayne has faced numerous charges which include charges of felony yet he still remains popular and favored globally. Lil Wayne has set up a site ( where his continuously growing fans can feel a little bit closer to the musician. Fans vary, with the inclusion of icons such as President Barack Obama of the USA who has openly stated that his iPod contains Lil Wayne?s music which he listens to.
Despite numerous lawsuits and clashes with the law on several occasions Waynes career has still managed to prosper. The album I Am Not A Human Being was released on the 27th of September 2010 and has managed to sell over 240 000 copies in a period of weeks. Although Wayne is currently behind bars, his album has skyrocketed to the number one spot on the charts and the public best believe that his music career is still going strong. This album has been produced under Cash Money Records, one of the labels which have signed on Wayne.
Waynes lyrics in this album indicate presence of similes such as ?We in this bitch like tampons? in his opening track, Gonorrhea. The songs on this album ensure varying reactions as each one is of a different predicament. Hate him or love him but this rapper is on the highway to being even more successful. He?s young and making moola, young moola baby.


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