Legacy: food to R&B souls

By Sibusiso Dume

The hit track of the twenty – first century, A song for mama by Boyz II Men, has been and still is one of the reasons why many people are still hanging to their Legacy albums.

The best – selling, R&B, vocal group of all time was formed in 1988 at Philadelphia’s High School of the Creative and Performing Arts by Nathan Morris and Marc Nelson, but the current members are Wanya Morris, Michael McCary, Shawn Stockman, and Nathan Morris.

The album, Legacy which was released in 2001, is believed to be the group’s greatest albums since it is the collection of their greatest hits. This album features the group’s first ever single, Motownphilly, the longest running number one spot songs of all time, End of the road and I’ll make love to you, not forgetting the song most likely to be played during Mothers Day, A song for mama.

The album was created for us, the Boyz II Men fans, as ways to avoid looking through the pile of Boyz II Men albums every time we have one of their hit songs stuck in our heads. The music genre of the group has certainly evolved, as a result the taste of the R&B fans has also changed with time. However, if you a Boyz II Men or one of the R&B fans who constantly enjoy listening to classical R&B music, then this album is for you.

The voices of these artists are food to most R&B souls as they blend together like the kids favourite diluted juice. This combination of voices alongside with the deep, smooth instrumental sounds produced the greatest songs for the sunny Sundays, were nothing like the famous classics is much needed for your entertainment. These voices sold around five hundred thousand copies of the Legacy album and many people still want to buy more copies of this album. This proves that the album is the greatest hit R&B album of all time.

The group has certainly grown in the hearts of many R&B and music fans in general, causing them to remain the best R&B group ever. Although they have not produced an album in a long time, this has not caused their name to fade away due to their success and their touching lyrics. The album, Legacy, will certainly be the legacy of the Boyz II Men group for many years to come.


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