“Last name Ever, first name Greatest”

Photo by: ToddI3r

By Meryl Mahlangu
Not even the Young Money Entertainment President Lil Wayne himself made the kind of waves that Drake has made since he entered the Rap game and particulary in 2010. Aubrey ?Drizzy Drake? Graham (23) has enveloped the rap scene like a tsunami, rising from the small screen ranks of soapies like Degrassi to A-list status. Drake has nucleated the rap industry calling to himself such sudden and overwhealming attention. He was recently voted the 7th best rapper of this century by BET knocking out many that have been in the game from before he was born.

Drake rose to fame after the success of his song Best I Ever Had taken from his third indie mixtape So Far Gone. His 2010 debut Thank Me Later released on June 15 went platinum. It is an album that cannot be likened to any even in its genre. Thank Me Later has incomparable sound, rhymes and lyrics. Drake has diverged from the norm thus making him the best in this niche that he has created. In a genre where the simple minded throw their lot and claim its music, Drake has created art in Rap that has not been seen since Eminem?s youthful days.

His songs are down to earth and realistic. Collaborations with his mentor Lil wayne, Alicia Keys, Young Jeezy, T.I, Swizz Beats, Jay ? Z and the Young Money Princess, Nicki Minaj make this album a name dropper. Just as T.pain, Lil Wayne and Ne-yo were once the hottest names to have feauturing in your song, Nicki Minaj and Drake are the people to have a collaboration with if you want to extend your network. The ?go-to? songs are: Fancy, Over, Show me a good time and Thank me now. The best pick me up song is the Drake-Nicki Minaj collaboration Up All Night.

The album is definitely not for the faint hearted. He’s not as rude as the average poser like Plies but if you squirm when someone says a swear word then this is probably not for you. The lyrics might also be hard to understand for the amateur listener but they have more content than lil wayne’s, less controversy than those by Kanye West and less complicated than Nicki Minaj’s. In the words of the President Lil Wayne ‘we gon’ be alright if we put Drake on every hook.’ In the meanwhile you can enjoy the mellow sounds of Find your love, Fireworks and Karaoke.


One thought on ““Last name Ever, first name Greatest”

  1. fine have to admitt it was good.cant really think of anything bad to say about it….oh ya,i dont like the background colour.oh yeah

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