Keri Hilson’s perfect world

by Katja Schreiber

If the soulful vocals, hip hop beats and lusty lyrics of Keri Hilson?s album In a Perfect World… don?t manage to turn you on, start questioning your sexuality.

In a Perfect World… was released in 2009 as Hilson?s debut album. It features various other prominent artists as vocalists, with Timbaland being the producer of many of the songs. The result is a natural blend of R&B, hip hop, rap and pop music.

The album starts off with energetic tracks that ooze lust and haughtiness. Hilson creates a fusion of pumping rhythms, sexy pulses and melodies, all laced with her voice cooing seductive lyrics. Love, sex, desire and money are the predominant themes in these opening songs.

The fast-paced, vibrant beat of Get Your Money Up, featuring Keyshia Cole and Trina, will have your feet tapping along before you can help yourself. Already the opening line ?Stop, now let me see your booty drop,? is a sure summoning to the dance floor. The songs grouped in its vicinity, such as Return the Favor featuring Timbaland and Knock You Down featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo, are similarly catchy and danceable. Knock You Down was the most successful single of the album as it gained great popularity on worldwide charts.   

However, upon reaching the middle of the album, the energy level suddenly drops to accommodate slow, emotional and sincere songs. The rhythms and paces drag out to bluesy tunes, accompanied by either affectionate or heartbreaking, painful lines. Indeed, compared to the strong and cheeky opening of the album, some of these later tracks are painful to listen to.   

Tell Him the Truth is probably the most tedious song on the album. Despite the seriousness and sincerity of the lyrics, Hilson fails to capture the listener and demand attention. As the song progresses in a monotonous slowness, Hilson?s emotionally laden voice significantly contributes to create an overall unappealing effect. The song becomes too personal and exaggerated, leaving the listener feeling uneasy, bored and weary.

Luckily, Hilson?s penultimate track manages to save the album from ending on a dreary note. Energy, the album?s first single, successfully harmonises emotional sincerity with the right pace, liveliness and melody to create a touching song.

Overall, Hilson?s In a Perfect World… may not be wholly perfect, but it does offer a selection of sexy, catchy tunes that are sure to incite enticing moves on the dance floor. So let her music turn you on.   

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