Justin Bieber, a childish tragedy

Justin Bieber, a childish tragedy
By Mika Stanvliet

Album: My world 2.0
Artists: Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris and Sean Kingston
Tracks: 10

Recently, another child with a smidgeon of talent burst onto the music scene. Justin Bieber presents no surprise to music listeners worldwide. He is yet another barely pubescent boy who believes that he can sing and intoxicate girls with his dashing good looks. He is wrong on both accounts. Not only does Bieber sing like an especially high-pitched girl in pigtails, he also resembles one ? minus the pigtails but with a similarly atrocious fringe that obscures half his face.

His newly released album My world 2.0 is a tragic mix of meaningless lyrics that and a highly annoying voice. Bieber is a sensation amongst the youngsters worldwide. With dim-witted lyrics such as ?She?s indecisive, she can?t decide? one wonders whether or not the Bieber fans are any more intelligent than the teen singer himself.

Fame has inevitably gone to Bieber?s head and he tweeted the entire track list of My World 2.0 just less than a month before its release. The single Baby featuring the rapper Ludacris is apparently what Bieber told his fans to look out for. The lyrics to Baby fails to mesh with the imagery provided in the music video and one is left confused and relieved that the torture is finally over when the song ends. Bieber ropes in artists with very different styles to his own, Ludacris and Sean Kingston, to contribute to his album.

Bieber made a severe mistake when titling one of his tracks identical to that of the greatest rock band ever, Queen. To put it bluntly, Somebody to love is not a name that you should choose for a track if you are not an international rock sensation loved by all music lovers everywhere. Bieber definitely is not on par with Queen. To be fair, he has his little circle of brainless admirers who probably don?t know an electric guitar from an acoustic, but his music is not on international standard. He falls far short from that.

Justin Bieber should never have thought that he could sing. It would have been better if he had stayed in school rather than become a singer. Perhaps a degree might even have given him some credibility. The wishes of a great number of people were shattered when Bieber?s voice broke earlier this year and he still continued singing. That had been the last hope, that he would quit his silliness when puberty finally hit. It did and he failed to take the hint.

Bieber fans should look out for his newest passion, film. His new movie is entitled Never say never. Justin Bieber is a child star whose only claim to fame is a signature haircut (only because no one else is stupid enough to cut their hair that way) and a group of ignorant admirers who, like Bieber, believes he can sing. His music reminds of a live cat being put through a blender. If you have excess money and you have the musical IQ of a stuffed animal, buy My World 2.0 otherwise don?t bother and opt for an artist with talent who preferably writes their own lyrics and plays their own instruments.


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