Josh Groban: Simply Sensational

by Leigh Worsley-Worswick

Josh Groban is an ?American singer known for his mature, dusky
baritone voice?. His musical style is unique ranging from classical
to pop. This diversity is the reason Josh Groban can be considered
?a true musical force to be reckoned with? said David Foster.
Josh Groban is able to appeal to a wide range of people because of
his success in both the classical and pop genres.

Groban released his second album closer[1]/? "in November
2003. In this album Josh himself said ?that he believed that this second album was a
better reflection of him and that his audience would be able to get a
better idea of him personally from listening to it. ?What most
people know about me, they know through my music. This time, I?ve
tried to open that door as wide as possible. These songs are a giant
step closer to who I really am and what my music is all about.?

The album closer shows what a talented musician Josh Groban is, as
it expresses a combination of an amazing range of music with an
exceptional voice to convey it. The album Closer combines meaningful
lyrics with a wonderful feeling of movement. Josh Groban’s album
Closer reflects his exceptional vocal clarity and quality. What is
striking is in this album is the purity and powerfulness
of Josh Groban’s voice. He never sounds as if he is straining ,
he seems to hit notes with the ease and grace of a veteran. If you
value vocal quality over what is conventionally considered to ?be
in? then you will appreciate this album.

The album closer is truly a magnificent album[2] as it has a great
combination of classical and pop music. As well as having a
combination of different genres the album should also be credited for
its unique diversity in that it has songs that are sung in four
different languages.People will still buy his album Closer
regardless of the fact that half the songs are in a foreign language.

The climax of the album has to be the song Broken Vow. The
song Broken Vow has powerful emotive lyrics. While listening to
the song you can feel the emotion, feel the sadness conveyed through
the lyrics that suggest adultery: ?more than a broken vow?. The
slow background music intensifies the feeling of sorrow and ongoing

"You Raise me up"[3]has to be Josh Groban?s the song that
Josh Groban is best known for. The song "YouRaise me up"
has amazing accompaniment. The introduction captures you immediately.
The bagpipes convey the sensation of waves moving and effectively
illustrate the "stormy seas" and turmoil of the song. The song has
powerful lyrics that evoke a feeling of liberation: "You raise
me up to more than I can be." You have to suppress the urge to start
belting the song out with him. Westlife a few years later redid the
song, which was poor in comparison to Josh Groban?s version.



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