Incredibad? Not necessarily

 By Struan Mathieson 

Last year saw The Lonely Island take the world by storm with their début album, Incredibad. Whether viewed as a sickening joke or idealised satire, Incredibad had the public talking. It is apparent that The Lonely Island selected their target audience well and they have made a name for themselves as “the greatest fake MC’s on Earth”.

The troupe that makes up The Lonely Island is Andy Samburg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorman Taccone. Having started preforming together in High School, the band has stuck together from high to high and in 2005 they shot to fame with a contract to Saturday Night Live, where they acted out parodies of their own until they were ready to unleash their compilation on the world. Incredibad sees the three members regularly joined by some of the most prestigious names in world music with the likes of T-pain, Justin Timberlake, Tenacious D, Chris Parnell, Norah Jones and even the film star Natalie Portman making  appearances on their album.

Their music, while different and rather infamous, has started a trend in a genre that was never truly given the chance to shine. Songs like “Jizz in my pants” and “Dick in a box”, while crudely named, have been sensationalised by both the media and popular culture with the two songs having already accumulated over 100 million hits on Youtube alone. Those two songs and “Like a boss”  were nominated and eventual winners of Emmy awards while their compilation with T-pain “I’m on a boat” was nominated for a Grammy award.

“Jizz In My Pants” has even inspired a reply called “Puke In My Mouth” by Miss Taken which is a comical version of  the parody syncretic  into the common conception of a girl’s night in clubs across the globe. Although not nearly as inspiring or well known, this knock off still  has over 6 million views on the web.

The music itself can be described as something inside the hip-hop genre. The music has been described by the likes of the New York Observer as “wildly catching” and “All Music” gave the album 4 out of 5 stars. It is its ability to stand apart from its comedy that makes  the album such a success. In conclusion Incredibad is a memorable album, even if it is for the wrong reasons…



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