Hooked perceptions of Goldfish


Hooked Perceptions of Goldfish
Tasmin Morley

Goldfish, the Cape Town duo has gotten local and international listeners hooked. David Poole and Dominic Peters broke into the international scene with the album Perceptions of Pacha. The 12 track album satisfies fans with the familiar house /electronic/ dance/ down tempo/ afro/ jazz/hip-hop/ boogie-woogie genre, as described by Peters.

Image by Andre-Pierre du Plessis

Goldfish was started by Peters and Poole who both graduated from UCT where they studied Jazz. The debut album, Caught in the loop, was released in November 2005. Perceptions of Pacha mirrors Caught in the Loop?s jazz-influenced, deep house, African groves. Five out of the twelve tracks on Perceptions of Pacha have become chart-topping hits since its release in June 2008.

The album was named Perceptions of Pacha because it had been signed to a record label called Pacha. Pacha is the world?s biggest club and lifestyle brand in Ibiza, Brazil. The tracks on the album mostly provide a soothing rhythm of jazz and base which eases into the soul.  Live instruments like the saxophone combined with traditional African jazz creates a unique sound for Goldfish. Coming home and Sold my soul best represent the mellow, African undertones of the album.

The album won several awards at the 2009 Sama Awards in South Africa. The duo band got nominated for a record- breaking 8 awards and won several including best dance album and best producers for the year. Chart topping hits include Soundtracks and Comebacks, This is how it goes, Fort Knox, Cruising Through and Hold Tight. The chart-toppers embrace Goldfish?s mix of styles and are bursting with groove. The track Fortknox even includes a Hispanic, rumba like beat. It?s the type of music you and your best mates can enjoy to a few drinks and a hubbily session. The album can be closely related to the albums of other South African artists Freshlyground and Lochville.

Perceptions of Pacha was not all good though. Goldfish and the dance genre usually tend to be quite repetitive. Most songs on Perceptions of Pacha last a painstaking 9 minutes. The long songs become quite tiresome and keep one reaching to change to the next track. The song Wet Welly is extremely repetitive and has an annoying squeaky pitch to it. Are you Lulu sounded disjointed but otherwise the album is utterly enjoyable. Just for Tonight is the only track that seems to have a different vibe to the rest of the tracks. This track contains alternative, rock undertones. 

The duo have become very successful and with their international breakthrough- Perceptions of Pacha. They are following opening performances alongside artists like Fatboy slim. Goldfish are said to be performing in Sydney and Melbourne over Christmas and New Years. Follow Goldfish on Twitter and Myspace for more information on Cape Towns? electronic phenomenon.


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